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  1. as to asmodean for some reason i keep thinking moraine is the one who killed him, please don't ask why i have no textev, its just the feeling i keep getting over the years
  2. from the prolog in eye of the world: "And it came to pass in those days, as it had come be­fore and would come again, that the Dark lay heavy on the land and weighed down the hearts of men, and the green things failed, and hope died. And men cried out to the Cre­ator, say­ing, O Light of the Heav­ens, Light of the World, let the Promised One be born of the moun­tain, ac­cord­ing to the prophe­cies, as he was in ages past and will be in ages to come. Let the Prince of the Morn­ing sing to the land that green things will grow and the val­leys give forth lambs. Let the arm of the Lord of the Dawn shel­ter us from the Dark, and the great sword of jus­tice de­fend us. Let the Drag­on ride again on the winds of time. (from Char­al Dri­anaan to Cala­mon, The Cy­cle of the Drag­on. Au­thor un­known, the Fourth Age)" I'm still with the majority and think this sword is justice, the dragon symbol could easily have been added by ishy as he was an adviser to Hawkwing, or so we understand from things he said. after all until the dragon banner was found at the end of eye of the world, NO ONE not even AS knew what LTT's symbol was, they did know the ancient AS but not that of the dragon
  3. i've read the arguments, it the sword is the main thing bugging me about chapter 1, and i have to say i'm coming down on the Justice side, i'm calling 90% of being justice, 9% of guidel's and 1% of being something else
  4. i would have sworn someone on these boards said that eye of the world was being turned into a scifi channel mini series
  5. ask him and give a link here for our sources, seems like he just might awnser
  6. Remember that mat has to give up an eye, just like odin
  7. um i'm sorry i seem to have missed something what is "THE VOICE"?
  8. The warders color shifting cloaks are interesting, but what is the ter'angreal that makes it really for? my best guesses are either fan cloth or strithe (perhaps both) as both can have similar effects
  9. i have seen it posted o a few sites that Verin is the only aei sadi that is known to have tell a lie and is not confirmed as part of the black ajah (ok i'm messing up spellings) now i have read the series a couple of times and i have listened to it, however the series is HUGE and i have not noticed Verin's lie, so i'm asking here are these post ill informed or did she lie? if so please post the quote for me and please post the novel and page thanks
  10. can you pull some of those quotes for us, the exact wording might tell us something
  11. one thing not mentioned here is lanfear's loss of power, where do you think it went? i figure that moiraine got it which will play into the final battle, oh i agree that she will be part of helping rand too, but this is another part of it
  12. Callandor, the male Choadon Kal, the fat little man angreal, and the "statue that if you held long enough would feel warm" that bale domen had(obviously an angreal but nop clue what happened to it aftet falme) i would expect that 1 or 2 more MIGHT be in the stone. 1 or 2 MIGHT be in the cache that had the bowl of the winds. i would think that 1 of the forsaken would have found 1 somewhere. i have always had the feeling that mazrem time has one. and there must be many more that are just sitting in various places cause no one knew what they were
  13. just adde dmore to my other post. but yes it isn't a true kat. it is a fantasy book after all. the big issue rj didn't really understand about swords is that the "sword fight" should NEVER be a duel in the way expressed, steel on steel is VERY bad, and stupid! 1 a sword CAN'T take that abuse(yes power made ones don't chip go dull or break, but those are VERY rare) a sword fight is over in the first 2 moves, a sword IS NOT a primary melee weapon, a battle axe, a good mace or morning star would be my first choice (assuming a rifle with good sights and nice snipper postion at least a klick away arn't avalibe
  14. rand's sword is actually NOT a katana. i am a sword collector, ok it is a kat but it isn't. it has a bit of the early SHAMSHIR in it, yes it is based on a katana, its more of a tachi or o-katana. a katan is at max (traditional use) a 26 inch blade, rands is at least 30 more likely 32 or 34 inch blade, also the tsuka(handle) on a traditional kat is between 10 and 12 inches, rands seems to be about 14, as far as i can tell all the fittings are not a kats but much more western, no seppa not collar etc. now the wheel of time swords i have seen from time to time are all total trash, and DONOT match the books descrip for the sword. the closest your likely to find in real life it going to be a tachi with some custom fitting work ok off soap box now edit: perrin's axe is a fairy standard war axe from the middle ages, vikkings, muslums, crusaders, franks, etc all used similar weapons, i would go looking up saxon war axes to find some fairly close examples, the big issue is "wicked half moon blade" and that its about 10lbs. the way some people "see" this is not even close to what it would really look like and the aeil spears are very close to both an african weapon and an early greek/roman weapon whose name escapes me at the moment. the belt knives are fairly straight foward, all nations, peoples, etc have a belt knife of some form and the aiel's will be similar in that they are NOT uniform, they will be the work of various smiths, made to a persons specific order, etc. for example reading the books you'll note that some of the maiden's are longer then the mens, i know if i was going hand to hand in a sword/spear age i would have 3 types of "belt knives" on me, a machete form on my back, a good utility knife (read 8 to 10 inches) and wakisashi style. and the utility peice would be determined by territorial conditions, for example iraq i would want a cold steel srk, for germany i would want a simonich salish
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