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  1. I am not totally surprised people don't remember, it was a long time ago. 6 or more years? I do recall that when we started the Black Ajah there was none. It was a fun time, and creative and I am glad it lives on. Be well and be kind to one another. Saskia Formerly Gwenna Sedai and Caylith the Ogier
  2. HA. Sorry to revive a buried thread but I just found it. I was Gwenna Sedai, Blue Ajah and Head of the Black. I had a Gaidin named Bathory. Dang that was a long time ago. Be well and be kind to each other.
  3. Kathana, I remember you! It was gosh, 2001? If only I could remember my Aes Sedai name. She was Blue, I think, but also Head of the Black. I had a warder who was female too, can't remember her name either. Caylith was co leader or something of the Ogier at one point; hehe its driving me nuts. Thank you all for the hellos!
  4. Reile? I think you're still on my yahoo messenger list. Darn it, wish I could remember my Aes Sedai's name. Good to see you're well!
  5. Hello there! I just wanted to come by and say hi to those who knew me back in the day (if anyone is left!), and give my condolences. I don't remember my Aes Sedai's name, but, she was the onetime leader of the black Ajah, and I also had an Ogier named Caylith. I mostly RP'd. Anyway, my condolences, and take care.
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