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  1. I was actually thinking more so of the paperbacks as a complete set deal. I only own four hardcovers now but I wanted the complete set in paperback. Ahh....they may do that. Not for sure though. I orderd this edition in October and received the "Your Order Has Been Delayed" email this morning. Jordan.Sargent - When you spoke to them, did they confirm they would eventually be fulfilling your order? When I did the online chat thing, the person on the other end of the connection could not guarantee they would ever be able to fulfill my order. I really want this edition and am torn whether to do the panic thing and try to find one online no matter the price or wait it out. I worry that if I wait it out, by the time I get the "Your Order Has Been Cancelled" email, there won't be any more new copies available. As my kids would say, "Sad face". The person I had talked to seemed to have no clue about the leather bound and just gave me the run around pretty much. Since I was at work that day friend of mine (who also ordered the leather bound) went and grabbed the hard cover and asked the person at the local barnes and noble and he was told that the book was in stock and scheduled to ship the next day. However, that was the day that everyone got the email stating it was delayed. So its pretty much up in the air as to whether or not they will be able to fulfill these orders or not. Let me know if you can find it anywhere else online. Everywhere I have looked they don't even have the option for the leather bound special edition I hope you get yours Jordan. I just received mine today and I think its a smaller run that the previous two leather bound editions I have purchased as it was numbered 14/125.
  2. I pre-ordered mine from Amazon. They said there was a delay in shipping but that should have it to me by Saturday at the latest. So I don't know what's going on there. @Giovanni - They started the leather bound copies with Lord of Chaos I think. I don't know if they'll go back and do the prior books in the format or not. If they did decide to do a complete collection they would probably do a specialized edition so as not to take away from the rarity of the regular leather bounds.
  3. Wasn't there also a Ter'Angreal that Aviendha said "grew something" from that stash they recovered in Ebou Dar? What if the "need" originally took them to a similar ter'angreal in the tower and when they added the the stipulation of not the WT it took them to Ebou Dar? This would fit nicely with the Tinkers and our new hippy Rand. The light side does need food considering how Rand "spoiled" it all.
  4. I have always assumed that it was Lanfear that had portrayed Else.
  5. Something I just noticed while listening to the book. I don't know if it has been mentioned before but during the first dinner scene with Elaida, Egwene is called a wilder. Is this a mistake or is there other reasoning for this?
  6. Thanks for the quote Rich. That does change my thoughts on the subject. I'm definitely going to have to re-read and listen to the book again very soon.
  7. My fave scenes are the usual suspects. Egw/Verin, Rand/Semi, Veins of Gold. My two cents on the Graendal scene. I don't have the book with me but one thing that I remember sticking out was the way that Nyanaeve said that the compulsion weave was cruder. If I didn't misread this it seems that there is a possibility it was someone other than Graendal that performed the weave. However, I like to think that she is dead. I would have loved to see a "Final Battle" with her but as someone said it would cheapen the scene if she pops back up. Also, did anyone notice how whenever Rand had the Dark Halo around him things seemed to rot and spoil quicker? I think Nyanaeve's tea instantly turned bitter during one meeting with him. He was also in a foul mood after the meeting with Tuon and right when they were leaving every bit of food that was sent to Bandar Eban spoiled?
  8. I tend to get nauseas going in circles...I don't think anyone wants to clean up that mess ;D
  9. I'm thinking we could just start going in circles about this :) .
  10. True, but her being knocked out could just be a side effect of more than one person bonding the same man/woman. We'll never know but my assumption is that since Rand loves his women and tolerates Alanna that her bond would naturally feel less. Rand is still able to sense her just as well as before based on the scenes in Far Madding between Rand and Min and then Rand and Alanna.
  11. I'm with you there Luckers. I was hoping for some big blow up as well. But I think this plot line is going to go in an interesting direction.
  12. I'm with Mashiara on this. I'd read the books 3-4 times and then bought the audio books since I traveled a lot with my first job after college. I picked up quite a bit of information and had a lot of ah ha moments. The fastest I've ever read through the series is is books 1-10 in a month. I had a very easy course load in my senior year so I had the time to take a month and read them. Plus having insomnia at that point in time helped too. When TGS comes out I'll probably finish it in about 2-3 days. I hope I can anyways because the following weekend I have to go inventory one of my companies warehouses.
  13. Demon_AS is correct. When Logain and the other Ashaman bonded the Tower Sisters they added that little "extra" to make sure that the AS obeyed them. So there is a difference in the way a bonding occurs. Also, Alanna's bond to Rand hasn't weekend. It's just not as prominant in his head because he has 5 other people in there as well. Avi, Elayne, Min, Moridin and LTT.
  14. Going back on topic I always assumed that the flag was a variation of the English flag. While reading I always assumed that Andor= England, Cairiehn(sp)=France, Tear= Spain, Illian = Greece, Murandy= Scotland and Ireland, etc. etc.
  15. No :P That much I know. The woman in Rand's group is Elza ( I think that's her name). She's the confirmed Black Sister that Verin used compulsion on now she has to "see that the DR makes it to the last battle" ***EDIT*** Missed the last posts on the previous page. But whether or not she was with the group at the farmhouse I'm sure she would have found out sooner or later and been able to report back.
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