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  1. Hello there Venca, welcome to DM.
  2. Poor 12th, looks like a group snuggle hug is needed. Group hug, people, group hug!
  3. *Lupin looks at all her new friends, sleeping off the chilli and the tq. Awwww. ;) She notices how empty the chilli vats are and runs off to get more chilli. Whose going for the tq? she wonders.*
  4. *Lupin pops her head in, sees all the ducking and dunking going, rushes in to join in the fun. She is so happy to see all her new friends. She then dunks them one by one, and as they emerge she licks them clean and hands them all TQs*
  5. You are all so kind and welcoming, it's lovely, thank you. I am slowly finding my way around though,and having fun at the same time. Thanks for the offer of joining the Band of the Red Hand org, Stefania, very kind of you. Once I've got my bearings so to speak I might do so. Aleita, appreciate the offer of pming you, I will do if I need help. :)
  6. Good point Elgee! *downs it in one go* There we go! *hic*
  7. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome. Wow lots of choices here. Talya, thanks for your kind invitation to join the Wolfkin, you may just see me there yet. You asked about my name and did I like wolves, I LOVE wolves, and have several pictures and paintings of wolves in my lounge. Oh and I have taken the glass of tq and put aside for later. Thanks again everyone. :)
  8. Hello there, I posted on the back up boards so I thought I would join up here as well. I have an eclectic book collection, as well as a large dvd collection, because I love films. I look forward to joining in with everyone. :)
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