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  2. He just gets more and more preachy, doesn't he? It's like he's implying that fantasy doesn't have a plot or underlying ideas and can't have romance, political intrigue, or mystery, and his books are so far above all those other books defined as fantasy. Personally, I read up to Naked Empire and just totally lost interest after that. The first ones were really good, even if there were similarities with WoT (or maybe because of them), and then he wandered away from the main thread of the series. He seemed to have used up a lot of paper establishing Jagang as the ultimate evil character and then promptly ran off to write about random people who have values contrary to what he believes in. Maybe he wrote those first books to lure in unsuspecting readers, then WHAM! You're hit with a giant baseball bat that says, "Agree with my ideas or you're stupid!"
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