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  1. Considering all the Perrin bashing going around, I must throw in my honest opinion. Perrin Rocks. He is almost as cool as Faile. I'm not joking. The two of them together are just great stuff to read, and I think they are more involved with the overall story then what they are given credit for. Defiantly my favorites. -Ararana
  2. Honestly, I don't think it's that big of a deal. I'm sure RJ would be happy that more and more people are now going to read into the world he created (even if they start at the opposite end of the series).
  3. Ararana


    Does anyone know where these pictures for the new dragonmount main page are comming from? Is there a place I can see the whole picture? Thanks. .
  4. Ha, you are now on my list of hero's.
  5. well I do like my Mat with two eyes...lol. Considering RJ wants to write about Mat and Tuon after TG I'm assuming she is not going to die. I take back my previous thought.
  6. Ok I didn't look through the pages of topics to make sure this wasn't already posted...so sue me! When Mat married Tuon in KOD he became the 'Prince of Ravens'. Who exactly is the Prince of Ravens? Becuase Tuon is the empress of the Seanchan, does that make Mat emperor due to male status? Or is he still in line behind Tuon for the Seanchan throne? I guess where I'm really tring to go with this is, does Rand want to set up a treaty meeting with Tuon, or Mat? Also maybe this will come in to play with Mat having to give up half the light of the world(Tuon IMO). Maybe he was 'destined' to rule the Seanchan, and for that to happen Tuon would need to be out of the picture. Not that I'm saying he will kill her. Something would happen to her, much like Davrim Bashere need to go for the 'broken crown' to fall on perrin and Faile. Any help to these questions? Thanks guys.
  7. I've often wondered the same thing. I guess what I would ask is; if the WOT movie came out and was similar to the way THE LORD OF THE RINGS was done (mostly accurate, but differed in certain details that drove fanatics crazy) would you still like it? I mean would you be able to put aside certain incorrect aspects to enjoy the rest of the movie? Or would you be that fanatic that demanded everything book wise or else you would rebel? Myself, I loved LOTR, both the books and the trilogy from New Line. And I feel that likewise I will be able to enjoy WOT as a movie. I would just have to block out and ignore the parts that lacked coherence with the books. Of course this is all a lie if they make Lan Asian of something...jk
  8. Before anyone has a chance. I condemn anyone who flames Faile here to the pit of doom!
  9. Ararana

    WOT Tattoo?

    I've always wanted to get the dragons wrapped around my forearms like Rand...but I think I might regret that one day. :lol:
  10. Bashere's going to have to die at some point for this whole 'broken crown' ordeal to fall on Perrin/Faile, but I can't see him defeating Taim. Especially when Taim has a horde of faithful Asha'man with him.
  11. I agree, but by the time the black tower has been eliminated of Taim and all his goonies it will have diminished greatly. From what it sounds like it's fairy close to equally split between Rand and Taim. But then again they do grow quickly with not sending anyone away, unless they are coming up short on places to look for potential Asha'man. Not to mention the white tower is in the same predicament. I see your point.
  12. I do think Logain will end Taim, but I've always felt that his rising glory is going to come from something else. Something more related to Rand himself. Maybe my thoughts are limited by my own opinion, but I don't really see the M'Hael as that big of a glorious position or event that Min saw.
  13. Logain will reveal his bass @$$ self and man handle him. Then Logain will become the M'Hael. My opinion anyway...
  14. I was under the impression that Mashadar consumed not only the body but the sole as well. I could be wrong though.
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