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  1. The slight breeze picked up the strands of her dark black hair and tossed them into her line of vision. Mahima pushed them behind her ears as she stepped onto of the boardwalk and into the filth that was Illian. Her sea blue eyes scanned the street around her, peering through the throng of people. Not a single clearing for fresh air. Mahima's small form slid through the crowd, and finally saw an opening and dashed inside. It was an inn, filled but not overly crowded, much more to Mahima's liking than the mass of people on the other side of the door. She moved to a corner and took a seat, takin
  2. OOC: I'm just wondering how she will do that if your character didn't drink any wine. ??? I have nothing against my character getting into trouble. I just don't remeber any weaving which would serve that purpose from the books.
  3. Kirsa smiled back a Sial before sending a wave at the other girls. The domani quickly used what had been taught to her by her friends back home, to make a quick but silent retreat back to her room, by using the shadows to their fullest advantage.
  4. Kirsa felt movement near her and saw a girl moving owards the door in a careful manner. Something was wrong, she could feel it. Kirsa froze, realizing the Accepted was gone. "We should go. The Accepted is gone," Kirs asaid before following her own advice and moving deftly towards the door.
  5. When Kirsa heard the other novice say several dares, she couldn't help but laugh. Thye were beautifully perfect. She almost laughed harder when she saw Sial turn red, but she restrained it thinking it would have been mean to do so.
  6. Kirsa smiled at Miya's words. It was going almost exactly as it had durring the other party she had met Sial. "I'll join in," said Kirsa.
  7. "I'm Kirsa Mansoor, and it's great to meet you both," she said her smile large and pretty. Then, out of the corner of her eye, she caught sight of a novice she had me what seemed such a short time ago. She turned around her smile only growing larger and perkier. All she could remember fo this girl was that she had tried to trip Kirsa up, but Kirsa, who liked to think the best of everyone, thought the girl might just be insecure. "Sial," she called over to the small Carihien and waving her hand, as she glided over to the older girl. "You should come join us, the more the livlier,
  8. Kirsa walked smoothly down the hall ways of the tower, looking like she belonged there and had something very impolrant to do. Once she reached the abandoned coridor her pace slowed and she began to get nervouse. She didn't really want to get in trouble, but she was absolutley tired of doing chores and following the orders that everyone gave her. She was fine with following orders, she just couldn't deal with it being aver moment of every day. It wasn't like it had been her choice to go to the tower in the first place. She glided up to the door and gently tapped, but before anyone could l
  9. Jena sent Raylin a reproachful glance. She was open to the other woman learning how to use the bow but Jatashe seemed like the kind of person that needed personal protection. "Dunno about that, knives are much better for front and personal protection, but I guess the bow is useful enough," she said with a shrug.
  10. Jena's eyebrows drew together. What did she mean not the right clothes? Then it hit her, the skirt. The problem was, why don't you fight in it? "Don't you wear that usually? Then, why don't you learn how to fight in it?" she asked. "If you feel uncomfortable, I could always change really quickly into a dress if your willing to wait," she added with a second thought.
  11. Jena smiled sweetly up at Raylin when she arrived but soon turned her attention back to the woman before her. At the menntion of some training Jena could feel her ears perking forward. "What can you do?" she asked instantly interested. "Let's move into the practice ring before you show me anything though," she added with a quick double-take on her words.
  12. Jena nodded, as the other woman spoke until she said she had never been trained. Jena had never really been trained except through experience and a couple pointers from her brother. She eyed the blonde woman once more and decided that the woman didn't know how to defend herself. This confused Jena to no end having lived in a world where if you didn't know how to survive a fight you died, quickly. "How do you defend yourself then, if you don't know how to fight?" Jena asked with her brows drawn together in confusion. It made no sense at all. Then a crazy idea entered her head. She cou
  13. "I'm part of the Scouts," Jena said with a proud smile. "So what are you going to do today, watch or practice?" she added deciding that she probably should add to the conversation, it would be rude not to. Jena was rarely rude knowing it could get her into trouble.
  14. "Carhain? Oh yes, he was the guy that brought us to the place where we could sign up. He was really quite depressed that neither Raylin nor I were joining the calvary," she said a small smile at the memory. "Tis my pleasure to meet you. I am Jendaya Abendroth at your service," she replied with a small bow and a flourish with her hat. "But please call me Jena," she added as she straightened from her bow. She had a small little smile on her face that showed that she was being truthful.
  15. Jena looked up in surprise as a woman walked up to her. She eyed the woman, shecking that there was no danger there and relaxed. "I think a bit of both for today," she replied, looking back over the field as soldiers, mostly men, moved in an intricate dance that Jena had seen often enough before, but no one died in this one. There was no dead body with the person's life blood soaking to the ground around him or her. The Rahad was a place where you learned just how thin the line between life and death really were, all too young.
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