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  1. Like Perrin. Hate her. Dumbledore's dead. End of Story. Good bye. good lord red states, dumbledoor is not dead... too many inconsistancies with the spell, how it usually leaves bodies, and dumbledoors body, something fishy there...yes perrin is cool why hate faile though, she is no diffrent than the other girls, they all have issues jellosy possessivness stuff like that....
  2. Waste of time. Mat's better. Dumbledore's dead. End of story. I disagree dumbledoor is not dead too many inconsistancies with his death, didne die at alkl right for that curse.... How can you say Mat or Perrin is better both have issues Oh my precious wife, oh boo hoo, oh damn another battle ug i hate battles, oh the aiel have my wife and i can talk to wolves, oh woe is me, oh man i can speak the old toung and have a bunch of dead guys memories in my head woe is me...however both are cool on really high cool points tables....each have their dreary issues and each has really cool abilities.....and each has a manipulative wife,,, equal footing... :D
  3. um read them so many tines that 1-7, which i got in paperback fell apart, and then i bought them in hardcover, and read them so many times a few of them are falling apart and from book 8 on i re-read every time a new book comes out, and yes there is so much you miss the first time, and I always pick up something new every time i read them, a harry potter break right now, havent read the half blood prince yet so there is that re-read, and then a series of unfortunate events needs a re-read, because they came out with a new one too, I was just too bust whith WOT when they all came out.....
  4. I am telling you all you are all wrong it was the DO it has always been the DO :D this is his first major touching of the world we know th DO is the first to know he is dead, the DO can most likley use the true power, and he wanted to punish asmo for his deviation from the path of darkness....just a little stretching before breaking out, why not test his ability to touch the world by opening a small doorway and snatching up Asmo, taking out a traitor, rands teacher and also doing something that in the great scheeme of things wouldnt be obvious to all those who worshup the light or the dark lord, after all if you fail at that the light has no reason to fear and the dark no reason to follow......death is the lord of the grave and snatched tortured in his own realm, (by placing him on the starship enterprise with CPT kirks bad acting, thus the reason the blood drained from his face) and then killed him or intends to thus dead is as good as dead!! See it all makes perfect sence!!
  5. how can you not love gareth bryne? His I will do what i need to do but you will not back out on me attitude is great, he nailed a queen without any kind of cumpusion or leverage, and he is just flat cool!! :P
  6. hiding in the white tower right under everyones nose, and it seems that possibly one of the biggest mysteries out there besides who killed the whimpiest forsaken ever......gotta be!!
  7. bonnie of course has to be red who thought to bring the world to think her way, elida's insperation, greatest amaryilan ever laid low by the blue, again everything I love to hate about AS, gotta be her!!
  8. has to be morgause, i mean really, she was a great leader without using her body, but her mind and her judgment, so she got a little sidetracked, she had the strenght of will to slide out from under a forsaken's thumb, and one that had her compelled at that, she does waht she needs to to survive and her thoughts even after abdication are centered on preserving her country and putting her daughter in place, who she has trained as a competent ruler.....by the way if GW was on this he would clean up!!!
  9. hello!! must be gotta be Lan, why no blademasters blade? well I think it's much like why a third degree black belt does not run about always in w white set of pajamas with a black belt, when your that dang good there is no need to show off or announce it to the world, just makes a bunch of little pansies who want to prove themselves bother you all the time, Lan knows he is good, nobody else needs to knw!!
  10. How can you not love elaida? I mean she is everything I love to hate about AS. She assumes she is always right, marches into her convictions with littlt evedence to support her theroies gets AS bonded by the black tower kidnaps rand and tries to rule the worl restoring it to what she thinks order should be. Sh has managed to my disbelief to wriggle out from under the thumb of the BA and gotten the head of the supreem council punished daily. She set people to root out the black without actuallt saying that's what she wanted, when she succeeds she barley notices though she does it well and often misses why her success are important, and when she fails she does it on a grand scale altering many lives besideds her own!! When Elaida is Eggy's footstool she will still find a way to do these things on a grand scale!! how can you fail to hate her and thus she is your favorite AS!!
  11. He was beamed up onto the enterprise so that he could give James T Kirk a little info on how to sleep with a forsaken nympho!! :P
  12. Ok Now I have it I have weighed the evedence thoughly, and I know who killed Asmo....it was the DO himself.... :D Check it out he knows Asmo is dead when demandred visits, he can presumably weild the true power which nobody can feel, so we dont have that issue, Asmo would have made do do in his pants at seeing him, and known his death was upon him, and the do could open a small door yank asmo through, torture murder main and kill him in his own sweet time while thoughly punishing him for going turncoat. It says right there that death took him and he is lord of the grave, so it is intuitivly obvious that "death" took him.....it says it right there on the page.....he was screaming no as he was pulled into a vortex of sadistic terror.....by the way the air speed velocity of an unladen african swallow is totally irrelivant we must find it for a european swallow..... :P
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