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  1. Definitely the most annoying character is Ely. But coming close on her tail is Eggi. For the record although I may be the only one who dislikes Toun and She definitely would come 3rd. (I mean what the heck is up with that superstition thing -- it is soooo frek'in annoying.) What this book needs is a couple of good strong Realistic female protagonists, Like Mori…….. before she was offed. RD was just incapable of making a normal female. Even Mori - in NS she was made to look like an incapable 3 year old!! I will consider BS’s writing of AMOL a success if he can truly develop some of these w
  2. brooke I think the women in this book need an attitude adjustment and quick!!!! but I would attribute this to the fact that the book was written by a guy as opposed to a girl. If someone risked life and limb for me I would definitely thank him. its a guys perspective on a girl that colors this book. that’s why you see everyone likes the guys but no one likes the girls. I doubt the entire male population think girls are annoying! I also have a problem with Nys rash decision on whom to marry them (perform the ceremony) . she is very steadfast – what came over her?
  3. I dont know if this thread was ever done but here goes. Ny's behavior seems to change after she got married. whenever Lan is around she starts acting weird. she cant be obnoxious or loose her temper. It could be the sea folk marrige but i liker to think OPTION #1 is right. Lan the abusive husband. you just cant unlearn certain things. ;D
  4. You know it’s weird whenever I hear evanescence’s song "going under" I think of rand. ??? i once saw a guy that looked exactly like Mat. I was with a friend at the time, who saw me practically freak out.... Until today she refuses to go to the movies with me. ;D
  5. Although rand did kike Ravi out of Andor I doubt it was only love on his mind. He would anyway have to rid himself of the forsaken and getting Andor was a bonus. So true Eli would not have been able to rid herself of Ravi but that’s rand job as the DR so he was just doing his job, and the throne is still hers. I cam see why Eli’s actions caused quite a stir she has to prove herself so it’s only natural. If she was a guy doing this people would not complain 1/2 as much, but although our civilization has = rights people are still unused to the idea of a woman in charge. Every mistake
  6. Duhhhhh elayn she is to annoyingly fake. I have never met a woman like her, she isss tooo..........??????? weird ???? i can't even discribe it.
  7. Possibly. But the point is the difference between giving orders and asking favours. The wolves are going to fight in TG. Although they have no obligation to fight with rand they probably would. Perrin could convince them the benefits of fighting as a "pack", all those for the light together. Remember they are completely rational thinking beings and would see the logic in fighting that way. It is not a favor to ask some one to do something that is mutually beneficial. the wolves would fight anyway now less get to die … so far haven’t seen the down side. They just need a communica
  8. I have a few Choices if gender would not be an issue. First and foremost Morian she rocks. --powerful, gorgeous, smart, mysterious, and part f a noble family if only she weren’t stuck god-knows-where. I think (I wish) I resemble her most of all the characters except for a few minor (OK not so minor) details. My next choices I like them but not their partner/spouse Mat is defiantly big. The whole gambler/dice-rolling/see-dead-men’s-memories is way cool + he’s a prince that can’t be touched with Power -- major points. he’s just a little flighty and married to horribly nasty/snobby/Wit
  9. We are looking at this from the wrong perspective. When you look at the SS you look at it as an evil and insanely corrupt organization (which they are but that’s beside the point.). To the Nazis the SS weren’t the bad guys they were the good guys! I mean realistically would you join the bad-guys side (rhetorical). No sane person would. They thought they were good, the saviors of humanity. That certainly doesn’t justify what they did. They were abnormally cruel and crazy in a logical way (dose that even make sense?). So if you looked at it from their perspective it would seem just like the B
  10. Green or black. The green are all for the fight so it would have to be them. I would have picked black but I have 0 interest in being some forsaken lackey. Although I would have the prob of those annoying sisters who want me to obey them, but I don’t have the prob of some forsaken killin me before i reach my full potential and enslave them. So I pick green.
  11. Nahhh Morians my girl she is gorgous (sp) smart and determined and it would be interesting to see how she would react ;D.
  12. For all those saying Rand would win by just using balefire. First we have to be clear is this a To the Death battle because I would think they are both on the same side. so this would be a See whose stronger battle. In which case RAND WOULD NOT USE BALEFIRE. Thus said Experience Usually trumps raw strength. Furthermore if you say this a to the death battle Rand would still be hesitant to use Balefire on an old helpless man he and his to the sky ego would also be confident he could win. Besides, didn’t he promise someone he would not use it? Thus, Gandalf’s experience still trumps Rand! ;D
  13. LOL. im all for this guy! ;D Rand and Eline> Ba's And Ta'rd Rand and Min > Iseetoomuch Rand and Eguene> Arthur Hawking II Morian and Lan> Iwi'sh Lan and Nynaeve> Tugabraid Fail and Perrin> Lord Woof Liandrin and mine> Trolic
  14. What, Are we waiting for Min to die? Thats prepostures.
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