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  1. I'm going to get you guys off the love topic. I want to kill Berelain with my bare hands, so I wish I could say every scene Berelain is in should be cut, but I think we all know that can't happen, because Perrin wouldn't get so much face time. Anyway... I agree the whole rescue thing should never have happened. Mesema is enough of a pain, all his intrigue could have been shown on the way to Rand without all that silliness. I am reading COT right now - and there is the part where Perrin and Balwer are going somewhere to talk and IT TAKES LIKE 3 PAGES for them to get where they are going. I gotta ask - where is the editing, people?
  2. I don't know what I enjoyed more: "Her powerful dimple shone above the gathered masses and kept them in line" or maybe: "You will kneel…or be knelt on.” possibly the best: "You’re a Forchosen! Die, servant of the Greyish One!”
  3. Ingtar's last stand is up there - also Elayne standing up to the Sisters in Tylen's (sp?) palace about how Egwene, the Amyrline they rose, had sent them on the mission, so there was no more important mission and she and Nynaeve were in control and were Aes Sedai. She had noticed how age didn't matter amongst Aes Sedai, it was how strong they were in the power, and she, Nynaeve and Egwene were the most powerful of nearly all the Aes Sedai.
  4. If I remember correctly - didn't Rand weave something to keep the gateway open and jump in?
  5. Perhaps the Tinkers only think they are looking for a song, when what they are looking for is that ter-angreal!
  6. The weird thing is, Bornhold had a son, so he must have had a wife somewhere, but there are no wives mentioned. Niall doesn't have one. I wonder if they expect their high-ups no forsake worldly things like families.
  7. I can understand many people saying so-n-so is secondary, but when RJ gives us all these prologues and little sneak peaks into their actions it is very hard to keep things straight - especially with all the Darkfriends sneaking about. I didn't realise a certain Darkfriend Whitecloak was... well, who he was, until the 2nd reading. I find it maddening! I am re-reading and up to book 6, when all the Aes Sedai try to... well, you what they do to Rand... :-X and I can't keep them all straight - I don't know who is in who's camp! Maddening I say! Maddening! I even have trouble with all the acronyms! I can't remember what KOD was or COS... don't even EaTEotW me! I will just lose it! (hee! :-*)
  8. There are times when I wish I could weave flows of air around people and just choke the ever living snot out of them... all the while smiling into their faces. ... I guess that makes me bad...
  9. I'm sorry I don't remember the exact words, and I keep forgetting to bring my notebook to work - but Bael said something like this: "The breaking of the world killed the fools and the Three-Fold Land killed the cowards."
  10. Can I just say I hope they are? Or when TG is over and they retire to their individual ...kingdoms?... realms? they are able to treat each other justly and remember they grew up in the same place - not turn their backs on each other when doing trade agreements and the like, or when there is a food or fuel crises. That may be the best we can hope for. Or they could all die and the point is moot.
  11. Another thing to ponder... The Creator is present in NAME only in the books - there is never a mention of so much as a divine presence - unless it is embracing the source - and even that is not a possibility for everyone, only those who can channel. The Dark One plots, plans, and if we believe the Forsaken, makes promises to his followers so they end up fighting each other while jockeying for position, but the Creator is absent in the machinations of fighting the Dark One. Believing He is good and that serving Him is the right thing to do are largely matters of faith. So, if He were imprisoned, would He send forth legions of ponies, smurfs and hushpuppies? Or would He leave it to the good folk of Randland and their faith to free Him? (My original response to this thread was going to be... Whoa! Dude!)
  12. When it is all over, I am gonna party like it's 2099! No more waiting for the next one... no more wondering. At times, I hope they all die so it will really, truly be OVER (books 7 & 8 were really draggy, and I almost gave up on them!)and then may be I can stop with the obsessive compulsive... but will everything be answered? No - I doubt it. Like how is it the Dark One AND the forsaken were bound at the moment of creation? What had they .... forsook?! .... before creation? Ok, so someone smarter than me might know that already, but there will always be questions. And degrees of dissatisfaction. I, however, intend to survive Tar'mon Gaiden. Me and Bela.
  13. Oh Blessed Creator, please forgive your children for mocking the Horse Goddess of War, Bela... They are innocent, and know not what they do, nor the reason she is so shaggy (it is the pelts of less worthy horses that she has destroyed and then piled upon herself). When the time of the hoof comes again, all shall kneel....
  14. In the real world, I personally would never go for the threesome thing, and I would also try to convince any girlfriend thinking of such a thing to NOT go there - however, in the confines of fiction, I am willing to keep the Suspension of Disbelief meter in the green. Part of this is due to Rand himself. He is not just fulfilling one prophesy as the Dragon Reborn. He is also He Who Comes With the Dawn and the Caramoor. I also suspect the bonding (while causing some problematic intimacy issues) would actually make them all closer and make them work FOR the relationship, rather than against it. In other words, if you tried to sabatage one of the other girls in some way, I don't think you could hide it in any way. Not to mention Avienda would probably kick said girl's bottom.
  15. Mashiara... I was probably going to pick Nynaeve until I read your beautifully worded post! I hadn't thought of her in those contexts... I just don't like that whole "men are stupid" thing she and Egwene are constantly touting. Women can be pretty stupid, too, but they don't seem to see that. So, I chose Egwene. I like her a lot more, but the first few books I just wanted to crawl amongst the pages and shake her! BE YOURSELF, GIRL! First she's says she'll be a wisdom, then she wants to be Aes Sedai, then she wants to be a tinker. If the trollocs had any strong minded women, she'd probably run off with them and tie feathers in her hair. Oh, and if I got any time alone with Liandren while someone (probably Nynaeve) was blocking her.... ooooh! Just a greasy spot left!
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