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  1. I had a feeling it would be misleading, but when I mentioned Aviendha it was not her ability I was referring to. I was referring to objects that do no need "the power" to use them, such as the item used to grow the ways.
  2. I am curious as to what abilities are known to ecist by just wanting something to happen really bad. Similar to when Rand heals Bella when the party is fleeing the Two Rivers (but he does not notice, only Moraine does). Another situation was when Aviendha was able to "read" some angreal etc., what other angreal could be used without the power and for what purpose.
  3. I'm going to have to think about this one for a while...;)
  4. Perrin may just end up gathering a real army and never let the Shaido make it back to the waste.
  5. I think Logain will become the leader of both the White and Black towers just as LTT was before the breaking.
  6. why would you be sorry? I say the more the merrier.
  7. Thanks for clearing up that little bit about the tinkers.
  8. I had thought the Tinkers were the Jenn Aiel.
  9. How about try and find out how to clean diseases and pollution from the world?
  10. There is nothing saying that a ter'angreal wouldn't react differently to different songs either. (ie Ogier and/or Tinkers)
  11. Aren't there a few forsaken who are "unaccounted for" in the series up to this point? If yes, one could perhaps be Taim?
  12. Note that before the breaking, all people who could channel were called Aes Sedai (male or female).
  13. It is often said that the aiel are larger than most people in Randland. I wouldn't put it past an aiel to carry 3-4 spears at once. I think the buckler would be strapped to the forearm and then say three spears could be held by that hand. Then the empty arm could hold an extra spear.
  14. The taint of Sadin is completely different from the taint of the city and thus Mashadar. I was under the impression that the city is now destroyed, but that still doesn't explain if Mashadar has found a new "home" or if it is gone completely.
  15. When Rand cleansed sadin was Mashadar destroyed or just the city?
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