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  1. Wasn't Damer Flinn a soldier in Andor before he became an Asha'man? I think that as a soldier, he must have been in a lot of stressfull situations. And he hadn't even started slowing when he came to the Black Tower, so he can't have channeled almost anything. I mean, even Morgase is pointed out as someone who looks younger than she is, and she can barely channel. Once again, let me point out that I don't believe that Mat (or Perrin) can channel. I just feel that we can't be 100% sure that:
  2. Moraine isn't his aunt. Or have I missed something? Moraine is the aunt of Galad, but not Rand. She's the aunt of Elayne and Gawyn also for that matter.
  3. I've for quite a long time thought it would be really funny if Mat could channel, but his medallion stopping him from reaching the source. Just read this from The Dragon Reborn, Ch 20 - Visitations when 'Selene'/Lanfear visits Mat in the tower. I know it was most likely whatever Lanfear did that made his skin tingle, but still...
  4. I was re-reading a passage from Winter's Heart the other day and found an odd quote by Teslyn. This is when Mat sneaks into the damane kennels and offers to help her escape: "It would help if you did not dress so flamboyantly. Ten drunken Tinkers could no attract as much attention as you do." The options I find are: 1. Mat's clothing really is that 'flamboyant' (not likely, we're talking TEN drunken Tinkers!) 2. Teslyn is able to 'lie' because she obviously uses it as sarcasm and therefore consider it not lying 3. Teslyn is able to lie because she is Black Ajah 4. RJ just slipped
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