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  1. Isn't this a trick question? Is the 'first' book first in publication order, chronological order, and does the chronological depend on the time frame of the majority of content in the book? the time frame of the majority of content in the book?
  2. unless i missed one here are the 7 amyrlin seats since the first book 1-Tamra Ospenya (Blue Ajah) 2-Sierin Vayu (Gray Ajah) 3-Marith Jaen (Blue Ajah) 4-Siuan Sanche (Blue Ajah) 5-Elaida a'Roihan (Red Ajah) 6-Egwene al'Vere (None) 7-Cadsuane Melaidhrin: Green Ajah. amol
  3. from the first book threw post amol there have been 6 amyrlin seats can u name all 6
  4. did anyone get it right that olver was just a boy and at amol not reveled as someone importent
  5. question the epiloge after robert jordan had rand ride off then after it says the end say exstended epiloge and for the next 500 pages tell the story of what happened next
  6. robert jordan i truely beleive did not intend to have Egwene killed i know that Barid Bel Medar, will edit this but bela is a horse and not a main character i just feel it was harriet who had brandon kill Egwene
  7. im sure becouse bandon posted it and bela is not a main character
  8. You are incorrect, it was Bela. Egwene was certainly planned by RJ, it is impossible that one of the major 5 characters would be killed if it was not in the notes. Brandon had previously said multiple times that Bela survives. <blockquote> wrong bela is not a main character rj had intended to keep Egwene alive it was harriet
  9. What Harriet Had Brandon do. harriet had brandon kill Egwene and harriet was wrong Egwene was spose to live harriet had brandon kill her so wrong so sad
  10. haveing just finished the book i know who it is and i cant say it here but harriet was wrong to do it
  11. Egwene's death was the sad'est i dont think robert jordan wanted Egwene to die i think harriet told brandon to kill her in the last book and i am still crying becouse of her death
  12. i just finished it, 2 hours ago and have been crying non stop since Egwene's death hit me hard i am so sad i cant understand why she had to die now i prey that harriet and tor deside to let brandon write the outriggers so we know what happened in the white tower and mat and rands new adventures
  13. thanks alanna i have the collection in paperback but with the last 3 books i want them all in hardcover
  14. i think this is going to be like dallas the tv show rand will wake up and the whole series was a dream
  15. is it still possible to get the first 10 in hardcover i got knife of dreams gathering storm and towers of midnight in hardcover is it to late to complete my collection?
  16. i have reread the entire series 19 times so far
  17. harriet must take us for fools and marks to think we beleive it will take a year to edit, this is tor hypeing the book
  18. Today you are King of the internetz. *thumbs up* i allso voted for egwene for congress, if she can be amyrlin seat she can run for congress
  19. in todays election in michigan , i am writeing in rand a'thor for govenor and the empress of senchan for secratary of state
  20. i found a barnes and noble in detroit that has copys and they are going to sell them at 10pm on monday night just before they close yesa major score
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