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  1. What do you think the DO had to deal with as a child?
  2. Katana's, Dikatanas, and Tanto's would also be nice to have.
  3. What r some of your fav creatures? I like Darkhounds mainly because they would be very good at eliminating enimies quickly and silently. ;D
  4. If RJ made Rand die, people would gather around his house and protest with signs on wooden sticks, its samantics. And no, its MY EGGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I agree Elayne was making a bridge to walk across the rope, flying or suspending yourself is a totally different consept
  6. fireblade


    It doesn't have to do with the power anyone can enter, like when they see other people fading in or out.
  7. Rand and Min's Mat Faile and Perrin's Elayas Rand and Elayne's Egwene Liandrin and mine, I trianed them to kill momey lol :D
  8. I can't remember any at the momment exept the one on the back, "The Wheel of Time turns and Ages come and pass. What was, what will be, and what is, may yet fall under the Shadow". And "Let the Dragon ride again on the winds of time".
  9. I personaly would like a sword. Perferably a Wakasaski cause thier light and oh so good looking.
  10. I personaly can't stand Gaebril who do you dislike?
  11. Yah totally Aes Sedai can use sarcasm
  12. what do you think the best Inn names are? I personaly like the Queens Blessing because of got Bassel Gill.
  13. I know someone did a post similar but they talked about how to access the power and im reflecting on the outcome. I believe when you use the power its like getting caght in a hurricane. For example if you were to use lightnig, and wind, tie them off, its like a lightning tornado instead of a shock and a gust of wind. And with a man it would double espiecially with fire.
  14. Is Machin Shin good evil or niether? or could it be the souls of people?
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