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  1. I don't like it, but I think Slayer might take this one, depends on the rules...
  2. I dont know why there is no post for Philly, but it was great. Here is my video, it is long, ~70 min.
  3. The Philly signing was Awesome, I am waiting for the 'official' post to put my full comments in. I have over an hour of video of the 'talk' session loading to Youtube, I'll post that too...
  4. Its as bad as waiting for the book ;-)
  5. Wow, #2? Cool. How do I feel? Very conflicted. but very excited.
  6. Fight the good Fight, is there any indication of who/why DM was targeted?
  7. 4 days past the deadline.... I hope we are not using the WoT definition of 'within a week'.... ;-)
  8. Elayne's platform was a bridge, it was stated it connected the 2 poles. As for flying, I think, besides the Sho Wings. a person could fly using hardened ait to create an airfoil (wing) and air, fire or a combination to create thrust, the 2 components for sustained flight. By creting Sho Wings, the AS in the AOL understood these principals, so they should have been able to do this. But that was not really how the power was used, I think it would have been considered vulgar. Buch better to just Travel.
  9. Thanks Silver, I guess no one remembers Diplomacy around here...
  10. LOL Diplomacy is a strategy game set in WWI Europe. Its unique feature is that instead of rolling dice (like in Risk) combat between armies and fleets are decided by numerical superiority. You can only have one unit in a territory, and you only start with 3 units. Thus, to get anywhere in the game, you need to build alliances, and then break them before you get stabbed in the back. :grin: I would recommend playing at least one standard game before trying a variant like this, and as this is a playtest of a new variant, I am looking for people who know how to play the basic game. There are several sites that run games, as I mentioned Diplomaticcorp.com is the one I work through. It is all volenteer run and managed. -Jason
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