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  1. ``I think you mean <i>Winter's Heart</i>, Snowy Dawn.'' Oops. My bad. Sorry about that.
  2. By the way, surely Lews Therin Telamon belongs on the list. :-) Consider, for example, all the important things that Rand does with the power that really come from Lews Therin, and never mind Rand's recognition of Semirhage from Lews Therin's memories. It is also amusing that Lews Therin thinks that <i>Rand</i> is a madman. That is a nice touch on RJ's part. [i suspect that Lews Therin knows that Moridin is Ishamael. ``We are destroyers, you and I, and the other one''.] Anyone willing to vote for Lews Therin as a favorite character?
  3. Hybrid: ``Gollum and Siuan, I like that comparison.'' Why? Gollum is incapable of love, for example, Siuan all too capable. I can't see any resemblance between them at all.... But there is one comparison that seems good to me, viz. Boromir and Elaida. Or perhaps Denethor (sp?) and Elaida.
  4. Luckers: Hm... as between Pevara and Seaine Herimon, I go with Seaine. More of a klutz, but then I am a bit like that, so I find her more likeable. Besides, Pevara stood for Elaida and Seaine didn't. Yes she wasn't notified about the sitting, but that was because Elaida knew she would not have voted to depose Siuan---after all, Seaine had proposed Siuan in the first place, and that vote, as well as the vote to make Elaida Amyrlin had to be by the greater consensus. As for the other three, Doesine somehow does not stand out enough, and Yukiri and Saerin are both imprudent in a way that I find a bit disagreable. Yukiri thinks that Elaida should not be ``pulled down'' because the White Tower must be made whole, but she cannot see that Elaida is the chief obstacle to making the WT whole. And Saerin regrets standing for Elaida and says that she has ``proven herself a fool'', but with the Last Battle coming, she too cannot see that Elaida cannot be the leader of the WT at the Last Battle if the Light is to win. Then again, Saerin may turn on Elaida in AMoL and either support Egwene or stand neutral, we shall have to wait and see. But I voted for Loial, for the same reasons as 42Bonzo88. But I could easily have voted for Thom, or for Siuan or Moiraine if they were on the list. (Anyone who has read <i>New Spring</i> and does not like Siuan and Moiraine is not paying attention. :-) For that matter, Siuan is one of RJ's most interesting creations. And I agree that not having Min and Moiraine and Aviendha on the list was silly. And what about Siuan, or Gareth Bryne, or Leane, or Noal/Jain Charin or Egeanin/Leilwin? Or Morgase? Or Rhuarc? or Birgitte? Or Elyas? Or Tylin, Or Hopper :-) Nothing in the question makes in necessary to include only the most important characters. Anyway, Siuan and Moiraine <i>are</i> among the most important characters.... I am not sure I would call Pedron Niall one of the good guys. The plague of ``dragonsworn'' who afflict Altara and perhaps elsewheres is his doing after all. I don't suppose one should be surprised that neither Elayne nor Gawyn have garnered any votes yet. Gawyn is a damned fool, and not for the reason he thinks. All the same, Elayne is important to the victory of the Light, I suspect (consider that she rediscovers how to make ter'angreal, for example), and it may well be that Elaida's fortelling about the royal house of Andor actually means both Mantear (Tigraine, and thus Rand) and Trakand. But I think we can all agree that RJ was very good at creating interesting and complex characters....
  5. The Domani women are always described as ``copper-skinned''. To me, this means that they look like American Indian women, tho' possibly Aztec, or points south rather than Canada or the US. But as noted in the FAQ, their food, and eating utensils are oriental, and there are clear allusions to Iran according to the FAQ. The women of Arad Doman also seem to be more important in their society than women would have been in Iran in the middle ages.
  6. I vote for Graendal, as a favorite baddie, also, but after her, Arangar/Halima/Balthamel. It's not that they are not, in their own way, vile---e.g., Graendal's fondness for turning other human beings into adoring slaves is almost as obnoxious as some of the worst traits of Aginor, Semirhage, Demandred, etc. It's that they are sensible in a peculiar sort of way. I'm not sure how to explain that further. :-(
  7. I did not start reading the series until all but <i>Knife of Dreams</i> were out, and I read up thru <i>Crossroads of Twilight</i> all at one go five years ago. I did however order <i>Knife of Dreams</i> as soon as it was available on amazon.com, and I will grab AMoL as soon as it is available also. As for <i>The Path of Daggers</i>, one disappointing thing about it was the absence of Mat. Various other things leave one wondering, and about some of it we are still wondering. The four borderland rulers appear, but we see nothing more of them until <i>Heart of Winter</i>, and we still don't know what they intend once they find Rand (or he finds them :-). In a way it's a book of beginnings: the beginning of the hunt for the Black Ajah, the beginning of the seige of Tar Valon, the beginning of Elayne's quest to become Queen of Andor, the beginning of Egwene's acquiring some actual authority as Amyrlin, and so on.
  8. Well, alright, for the Stone of Tear, ``The Great Gate of Kiev'' from Pictures at an Exhibition'' (also Mussorgsky). I am sure if I put my mind to it I can come up with more. Just give me a bit of time :-)
  9. ``A hundred thousand Trollocs were sent through the ways to attack Rand and company. If it could be done once, it can be done again.'' This assumes that Elder Haman, being moved about by one or more of the Asha'man, doesn't get there first and have the waygates ``sealed''. That is the word that Rand uses in describing what he wants done (in Chapter 20 of <i>The Knife of Dreams</i>), and I assume he means that the two avendasora leaf keys be removed, after which only use of the Talisman of growing will allow the gates to be opened again. [What Lolial did to the Manetheren waygate, in order to prevent more Trollocs being brought into Emonds Field---<i>The Shadow Rising</i>, Ch. 27, within the ways.]
  10. ``Being Kings and Queens were hardly a reliable basis with which to deal with a man reported to have done all that.'' And presumably they know that Rand has eleven clans of the Aiel behind him. They might well feel the need for rather a lot of protection. They also know that Trollocs and Myrdraal have been seen south of the blight, as far south, at least, as Andor. It seems likely that to me also that one or more of the thirteen Aes Sedai with the Borderland rulers is Black Ajah. Memara of the Red, whom the Tower sent to bring Tenobia and Bashere to heel, was chosen by Alviarin so it seems likely that Memara is also Black. On the other hand, Memara does not seem to be among the thirteen that the borderland rulers bring south with them. The others, the five who encounter Tenobia and army just before they leave Saldaea, and the seven that came to Shol Arbela just before Paitr Nachiman and army left there to go south may well include some of the sisters who set Mazrim Taim free as well as those sent to capture him in the first place---these two groups no doubt overlap, as has been argued in previous points in this thread. Paitr Nachiman's advisor Coladara, who is among the thirteen, may or may not be black---she would have been sent there by Siuan Sanche, I suspect, before Elaida's coup. I don't recall anything further in the text about the five and the seven---anyone? Did RJ answer a question about who the five and the seven are, and if so, what did he say?
  11. Hm.... I had assumed that the baddie behind that attack was Sammael. Rand sent Mat south with the band as part of his campaign against Sammael, yes?
  12. ``It would be cool if he was trained by a Forsaken, but who and when?'' Ishamael/Moridin, who is free during the run up to TEOTW, as evidenced by his killing Alviarin's predecessor as head of the Black Ajah shortly after the end of the Aiel war. The training would have taken place during that period (between the Aiel war and the arrival of Moiraine and Lan in Emonds field). A connection that needs mentioning, I think, is the choice of colors. Moridin's colors are red-and-black---actually hyphenated like that at one point in the <i>Knife of Dreams</i>---and the tiling in the main hall of the Black Tower is also red-and-black, also hyphenated like that in the description at the end of <i>Knife of Dreams</i>. That, actually, is enough for me---Ishamael is Taim's ``sponsor'' among the Forsaken.
  13. ``The very best music for wheel of time is Heavy Metal.'' De gustibus non disputandum est (there can be no disputation [rational argument] about tastes). Be that as it may, I am mostly with Majsju on this one. And I cannot imagine how heavy metal could be appropriate, but for me, at least, classical would be. (I'm not so enthusiastic about opera.) All the same I have listened to a variety of music, including some jazz, and a wee bit of rock, whilst reading the <i>Wheel of Time</i>, and I don't associate any particular piece with the series or book therewithin. The ``Night on Bald Mountain'' (Mussorgsky) would go well with the flight north from Emonds Field in THEOW, it seems to me.
  14. I am surprised that leguin's Earthsea series has not be mentioned as of yet. How come? She is a fine writer and that series is interesting (and not all that long :-). Also <i>The Dispossessed</i> and <i>The Left Hand of Darkness</i> are as good as it gets in Sci-Fi.
  15. Re: Icewind Dale The northern bit of the Forgotten Realms is called Icewind Dale and there are two computer games in the Forgotten Realms series set there. Is there perchance a connection between the games and the novels?
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