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  1. .... NOOOO!!!! Poor Nessie!!!! Oh well time to go to John Ball Zoo and get a new one....
  2. I have the coolest turtle in the world! She's a North American Softshell turtle. If you put her on the ground she looks like a giant cockroach.... She has a seriously long neck about 15-18 inches. On top of that she is the awesomest. Oh and she loves live prey. My dad's freind's are scared of her. ROFLMAO
  3. Not a big ego huh? *pees on leg* ahhh there we go, it's always good to be safe LOL just kidding.
  4. Yeah, I'm from Michigan I was in Dorr at the time but I live in Grand Rapids. Bah Pantheris is Latin lol.... A fraternity.... Nah I just hate High School.
  5. :P Are you happy Barm? Hey guys, I'm new here, read all the books in about 6 weeks just last year including the big Wheel of Time Encyclopedia thingy. You can call me Razor. I am 15 years old in the 10th grade, I'm planning on graduating at least 1 year early and skipping my Junior Year MUAHAHAHA-*Cough* *Cough* *Spittle*.... I will probably be active an hour a day, meh. I would say my favorite battle in the books was the Cleansing... or Mat's battle against the Gholam I Guess I have a great imagination... Well that's all I really have to say unless ya guys have some questions about me
  6. Lmao, So are you one of those that are newby forever? :P
  7. Ahh, I see, this newbie status lasts until.... either your first month is over or you've gotten in 100 posts? Hah it's good to talk of newbies!
  8. Hmm, you like active noobies... I don't consider myself a nooby however, but I will join the Aiel and maybe.... I don't know, the Red Hand or something. I bought all the books when I got my Native American money when my dad convinced me to read New Spring and the Eye of the World. ;D
  9. Whazzap, im only 15, my dad got me into the books and i've been checkin out the site but just now had time to register i'm razor i do play neverwinter nights and stuff but only have library internet hehits good to meet other people who like the series to though i live in grand rapids i know me, my dad, and his freind all read the books
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