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  1. I was sooooo happy seeing Bela again... reminded me why the wheel keeps turning (I know Rand spouted all that b/s about love and 'veins of gold' in the last chapter but who was he kidding?) Just wait until he runs into ol'Bela from Two Rivers again... He'll be laughing and crying for sure!!
  2. Alanna is in Tear. Rand sees her there in this last book and she feels pity for him (which I suspect is over his lack of emotion after Semi). I really hope she isn't BA as that'll be another bad kick in the stomach for the light. Verin probably left the flower with someone she felt was able to protect it. Let's not forget she was going to visit alot more people besides Mat (who noticed the other letters in her bag). She also talked about making sure things were going to fall into place even if she had to die with in the tower, leading me to believe she left CN's notes with someone (if they were supremely important anyways).
  3. Good point to bring up psychoRift... I totally forgot about that prologue. As we've seen from people being around him when Rand has that "Dark Halo" all foods spoil faster (the tea with Min and Nynaeve is a great example)... It might not do much if the DO is causing the rot, then again it may fix everything just in time for the Last Battle. Something I miss right now is Loial's stump meeting. What's up with the Ogier???
  4. The soup was to tell Egwene to wait to be rescued, or "Help is coming" might have been more appropriate. I'm totally on board for Alanna being BA, though I think Verin was warning Perrin about Alanna wanting to bond one of the three boys (I think she started thinking about Alanna's motives in Caemlyn after she bonded Rand). My biggest reason for thinking Alanna is Black? Imagine, Rand being bonded to the 3 women he loves, and one BA... this could end extremely well, or terribly. >And Astus, Movember = Hilarious. The engineers at my school go nuts!
  5. First, Verin told Egwene that she was glad Egwene was able to get herself out of that dungeon as she really didn't want to have to meet her down there. So we know that she was willing to take alot of risks to speak to Egwene. Second, the 13/13 idea shouldn't have mattered. Even if Egwene was willing to spare those who were turned it would be a HUGE pain to sort out who was lying just to save their skins and who was telling the truth... not to mention how to turn them back. Quick question: Alanna traveled with Verin for a VERY long time... any thoughts on Alanna being a BA (maybe even an undercover one like Verin and thus not mentioned in Verin's book)?? and what would it mean for Rand if she was? Nothing at all was mentioned about her in this book and I'm very curious to find out where that plot line is headed.
  6. Aha, no, I think we all were thinking that. Or if he did it would only last until Moiraine popped back into the picture. I really liked the book, though I know some things totally felt off (How many times did Caddy say Phaw! in her first chapter compared to all of a sudden dropping it for the rest of the book?) But all in all I was extremely happy to just get a new story in this world. 5 years of theorizing and reading boards about this book and I was still supremely surprised with the twists. Keep'em coming BS!!
  7. I can't wait for Moiraine to come back and just shake Rand to the core. That and the fact that he's a daddy to be should bring the last bit of needed tears and/or laughter before the final Battle :) Extra Bonus: Once Moiraine's back Cadsuane can really be tossed. Moiraine totally deserves to be Rand's head advisor if only because she found him/ trained him and became the only Aes Sedai he fully trusted. Kick Cadusane to the curb for all of her bullying. ... and I agree about the cover. Rand on top of Dragonmount with the staff and the cloak would have been epic.
  8. AS other people have said concerning Graendel: let's see a body. When FoH came out and it was like BLAME: Moiraines dead, some people probably were like "Well that's that. Plot lines usually kill off the teacher of the Hero in stories so that the Hero can learn a lesson, etc, etc, etc, blah blah blah..." And you know what? She's alive. And the light's rescuing her. So let's just WAIT AND SEE or, as RJ (and Jason) liked to say, RAFO!!! We can have 5,000 theories bouncing around but we're not the author. No metter what RJ and BS cooked up, have faith that it'll fit the story line and all will be good. My 2 cents is that there was no confrontation. Graendel was badass enough that their SHOULD have been a confrontation. So I believe she's not dead. I've surprisingly heard no wondering's about Min's viewing of Nynaeve (early in the book) about Nyna weeping over a grave. I feel like it would too obviously be Lan... which leads to pondering, who could it be???!? Who, close to Nyna is going to die?!?
  9. Agreed about RJ. I feel like he could have penned alot of this book... but most of it still seemed kind of, well, rough. It's almost as though it missed a final edit (which is probably true) but they wanted to throw in RJ's words on certain subjects unspoiled. And I hate to say it, but I did find some of Egwene's speeches rambling. A couple of flash backs to Terry Goodkind's SoT's where his main characters ALWAYS had long, rambling speeches that would magically open the eyes of EVERYONE around them. Not that I hate Egwene like this. In another thread, someone said they should inscribe "Badass" on Egwene's GS ring. Totally agree. Totally missed Lan, Elayne, Galad, Loial and other Characters in this book... I found those four had some of the most interesting POV's in KoD (minus some of Elayne's issues... I just wanna see Rand's face when he realizes he knocked up his Queen, ahahahha).
  10. Ahahaha, Suffa.... As for Graendel, I kind of agree that we'll see her POV at the start of ToM and find out how she died. My Theory? She's watching Rand BaleFire her house from a mountain top, then turns around to have Bela kick her in the face before falling to her death. Epic.
  11. ya, there's no way in hell RJ or BS wrote Graen out like that. She's been one of our major Chosen points since the beginning and she doesn't even get to have a final scene?? Can... not... wait... for... Towers... Of... MIDNIGHT!!!! It's been 48 hours since this book was released and I'm already drooling for the second one. Fingers crossed that it'll be out next year!!!
  12. Ahhhh so many things to start thinking about now... so many new theories to spring up... -Verin: I wanted her have one last talk with Moiraine SOOOOOOO bad. -I was a little disappointed with how Graendel's death scene played out (not gonna lie, i was hoping for an epic showdown with Avi and Min mixed in somewhere). - Elayne... heard nothing from her for once (and I was extremely interested to hear of her having the kids, joining up Andor with the WT and Rand, all of which never came). - Galad and his Whitecloaks > disappeared pretty quickly in KOD and we have yet to see them again (Can't wait for Rand and Galad to realise they're half brothers ;D) - Avi just waltzing off into the waste and us not getting to see her trials, or her return to Rand and FINALLY able to be with him (like in TSR <3) Well, enough for the things I was disappointed with (most of which will be resolved in later books anyways). This book was amazing. By far one of the best in the series. I can't even fathom how it can get much better than this. PS> just to throw in one little theory now: Callandor. 3 become one. Anyone else thinking about Avi, Min and Elayne??? Or another theory??
  13. OMG OMG OMG VERIN!!!!! She has become one of my ULTIMATE favs in this series... I'm not going to lie when I say I got choked up when she drank that poison. So sad. Through all the years reading this series I always expected her to turn out good. I'm glad that's what happened. In the meantime, the revelations of who was Black and who not was fairly amusing. It's as though both RJ and BS are tempting us with fan theories being answered... that is, all except Asmodean...
  14. Ahhh, I just remembered a BIG WTF moment, that was very sad for about 15 minutes... in FoH right after you think Moiraine died, Rand goes off to fight Rahvin... And Avi, Mat and Asmodean die. Didn't care as much about Asmodean but when Rand saw Avi and it was described as "she could have been sleeping"... I honestly had to reread that scene about 3 times before accepting their deaths, only to have them come back like 10 pages later :P
  15. Hey Guys, I've been feeling melodramatic this week and (after watching a particularly good episode of Glee) have decided to ask one of the ultimate questions: What is the saddest scene, to you, in this series? For me it was back when Rand was reading Moiraine's letter right after she died one the docks. When he started crying and didn't realize it until the maiden told him... omg.
  16. All I meant was that it can be seen as something RJ has drawn upon to further the story... that's like saying the Japanese samurai played no part in RJ's writing of the books... I chose to include it in this particular thread because: 1) I did not take the time to search out other myth threads(I mean, there are hundreds+ of threads on these forums so common) 2) None of the stories anyone else is drawing to has much in common (that is written before RJ began and beyond the whole goodguy/badguy/idol dies/love with a girl thing) so I thought I would bring up a piece that I recently thought belongs with the series... :)
  17. OK, so I've seen alot up here about modern day fantasy... what about all the many myths RJ drew upon to create his works? For example: Mat=Odin/Lokey in Norse Myth. Perrin= Thor Birgitte= Diana/Artemis (Roman/Greek) besides which there are many relevant stories that seem to be super imposed across WoT... Like a good example is the Princess Anastasia and Elayne: Both have red-gold hair, both are spoilesqe princesses from royal families that aren't really that well liked by the populace, both have mother's who "fall" for a typically crazy man (Rasputan and Ravin (sp?)), both have clashing denizens in the populace (White guard, Red Guard seen in EoTW), both have been (or are) presumed dead, as well as their mothers... That's all I can remember for now, but think about it!
  18. Definatly all of the reunions! (this includes all the original peeps, Lan, Nyna, Rand, Mat, Perrin, Egwene, Moiraine... Gawyn and Egwene, Rand and his ladies (haha and Elayne's kids) Lan/Moiraine/Nyna and I'm sure there's more!) Also, Egwene just owning Elaida and throwing her off the top of the tower... Avi owning Graendal (Sp?)on her own... Elayne finally having the babies and Birgitte finally ripping Elayne to shreds for being a &%$#@ for so long... Mat and Tuon Why Rand becomes like the Fisher in the board game (blindfold) and of course, the final battle!!!! Also, I'm sure I will love many other scenes but I don't know how this book is written so moot. PS> 7,000 words at 5 words a second is 23.33^ hours of reading... GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!
  19. LOl, I know, I`m just struggling to figure out who to reference as the author for AMoL. While RJ did do the majority (and the whole series) Brandon is finishing it up right now... :-\ GAHH!
  20. Personally, I love rereading series. Even if they`re not completed, you pick up on so many new things each time and can speculate to yourself or others (in the case of this website) about what each little detail could mean. Unlike a large majority, I`m excited to finish this series. Not that I don`t love Rand and the rest of WoT, but I`m starting to scream for a conclusion. Ending at KoD right now feels like when you`re watching a really good movie and the power goes out right at the climax. Horrible. However, I am happy reading other books too and have found a bunch of great authors to rotate between while I wait. While A Song of Ice and Fire has really let me down (and by that I mean GRRM... finish on time damn you!) authors such as the Canadian Steven Erikson and American Jim Butcher have been able to deliver wonderfully detailed and complex stories that are both engaging and hilarious... and each author churns out at least 1 book a year.
  21. Basically all we know about Shara is whatever is in the BWB... that`s about it. Brandon may, as Majsju said, pull out some Shara for AMoL, but until that book comes out (pacing in anticipation... halfway through the Earth`s Crust right now) we can only speculate.
  22. Correct me if I'm wrong people, but did Lews not start popping into rand's head first after the first time in Telanrihod (Chasing Ishy in TDR), then started getting stronger each time he went in? (Example, Andor chasing Rahvin, he actually saw Lews). Is it just me, or is there a connection between Tel and the actual seperate personalities of the Dragon reborn? I mean, it's not like there are multiple Birgitte personalities. Thoughts?
  23. So it sounds like we're not going to figure out the Jahar dealio. Personally, I have no idea what he'll end up doing. I just hope it's something sweet.
  24. KK, Aiel "Dance dance" by fall out boy surprisingly, Min, Elayne, Avi (Rand as WillIAM) "Beep" by Pussycat Dolls The full Story, "Bohemian Rhapsody" Queen... someone posted alternative WoW lyrics to the song somewhere on the i-net... check it. More Fallout boy (For some reason I can associate almost all the songs on their first CD to someone) "Of all the gin joints in all the world" Mat "Suger we're going down" Avi "Nobody puts Baby in the Corner" Perrin "I've got a Dark Alley and a bad idea that says you should shut your mouth" Rand "Sophmore Slump" Tavaren "Champagne for My real Friends" Flashes of Nyna in the verses, Flashing of all characters in the chorus "I slept with someone in Fall out boy and all I got was this stupid song written about me"... Elayne "A little Less 16 Candles" Any love relationship in these books (what are u waiting for? Kiss her, kiss her.) "Get Busy Living or Get busy dying" Min... for some reason "XO" Egwene and Gawyn.
  25. Honestly, while I love RJ and his unique story line that does embellish all that fantasy is, I don't think his world is the deepest or most creative. If you're looking for deep and creative worl, try Steven Erikson's books, Jim Butchers (Harry Dresdan is phenominal) and George RR Martin. Before I get bashed for mentioning other authors, let me repeat that RJ's stories are my favourite, but not neccesarily for depth.
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