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  1. I voted FoH cause I loved it when Rand visited the waste and revealed the Aiel's secret. :o who would thought that!!!
  2. Picture damane with sul'dam, of course, riding around on raken way up in the air where they could see for miles. Demolishing everything they see. That sounds pretty formiddable to me but with out damane they are basically only good for scouts and transport.
  3. Has anyone put merit toward the fact that Rand is pushing for Elayne to become Queen in Carhien as well as Camelyn. If she is successful in that then each child will grow up to be a ruler. Their personal relations will be mute when being raised to be a king or queen.
  4. Hello there. I have already chosen to put my fate with the Black Tower. My character is an Andoran horse rancher that is kind of plain but with a winning attitude that has won over many friendships. As for me, I am really into the books and have read most of them many times over but am impatient for the next ones.
  5. Hi everyone. The series is so awesome but i need something to keep me occupied till the next book comes out. I am wanting to join the Black Tower but am unsure about my bio history still so when I finish it, you will see me around alot more.
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