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  1. Thanks ladies!! *Wonders what Naean and Loreina looks like* hmmmmmmmmmmmmm ;D ;D
  2. Thank u Dwynwen...and I too shall acquire the honor of being a member of the White Tower... ;D
  3. Hey all...can anyone post pics here or do you have to be from the White Tower or be a Warder?? Thought it'd be nice if I post my pic since I spend most of my time here... ;D
  4. will do that right away...Stone Dogs, here I come!!
  5. well starting out as a raw recruit and getting nice and tight with fine brew while i wait for my superior's orders....and still to hear from my brothers and sisters from the Three Fold Land...
  6. hahaha...you guys sound like the Aelfinn and the Eelfinn with your cryptic answers...oh yeah, I have decided to be true to my avatar and join the Aiel, but are you allowed to be a member of two different orgs? The Band of the Red Hand looks mighty appealing too... 8)
  7. thanks for the welcome guys...and by the way, i'm gonna live up to my newbie title by asking whats Fiddlesticks?? by the way, does everyone here usually belong to a org?
  8. Hello all...my name is Nik(hil) and I'm a resident physician in LA. Its great to see an active WoT forum such as this and to see so many lovers of this great series like myself. I first read Eye of the World during my second year of med-school, its gotten me through many long nights and pretty soon I found myself addicted to the words that stem from Robert Jordan's mind. I've read the series bout 2 times and I'm currently reading Knife of Dreams for the first time...so looking forward to that now...anyways may peace be with you all!!
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