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  1. It was someone that Asmodean didn't expect to see. So could it have been Ishameal/Moridin who killed him. I know that he wouldn't know who Moridin is, but Moridin could've used the Mirrors of Mist (or whatever it's called). So Asmodean would be thinking that Ishamael is dead, not knowing that he was back as Moridin. He opens the door and there stands Ishamael; fire in his eyes, and Asmodean goes; "You!...." Without getting to say you're dead.
  2. Where does it say that he was controlled by compulsion?
  3. What will happen with Mattin Stepaneos? Will he some how help Egwene take the tower? Or will he do something else or just do nothing?
  4. Come on everyone; "Blood and Bloody Ashes!" the great quote by Mat Cauthon.
  5. Ok. If they can't both channel, and Rand needs the knowledge that LTT has, then it leads me to one conclusion. In CoS Min tells Rand that she sees 2 people in one of her visions; and that they touch and then merge. Could it be possible that when this merge takes place that Rand will have to fight LTT mentally for control of his body. Then if Rand wins he then gains all of LTT's knowledge of then One Power and of the Age of Legends.
  6. First, good point, second, because Lews Therin is a madman. I wouldn't trust him to break wind while holding saidin; he's getting nowhere near the seals. Just because LTT is mad doesn't mean that he can't do anything. It could be possible that LTT will be able to channel by himself; without Rand slipping and letting him take it. LTT might be able to channel through Rand, but with rand channelling as well.
  7. Where in KoD does it say that Moridin gets nausea as well? Would it mean if Moridin had the nausea effect as well, that it would only effect him when he uses the True Power? Or is it with the One Power? But whenever we see Moridin he always seems to be fine.
  8. We all know that Moridin can see through Rands eyes, and it's most likely because of when their balefire connected. But can Rand see through Moridins eyes??????? Maybe all Rand needs is practice and he'll be able to do it. Then he could find out about the plans that are being made on the dark side.
  9. "Break the seals" The seals have to be broken in the end anyway so why not not have LTT in control at the Last Battle to break them. After all Herid Fel did say something like, "To fix the hole, you have to first clear the rubble" (no books on me, so quote is probably not word perfect).
  10. Oh well, it was just a bit of random dribbling, that came to me just today in class. Anyway I'm always open to constructive critisim. At the very least Rand could learn all he needs to form LTT.
  11. There have been times when Rand and LTT would work together; and to each other they would be sane, and then LTT would start going on about a madman in his head or just laugh and sound mad. In KoD LTT tells Rand that he should trust him. What if whenever rand needs to use the source, he lets LTT use it and do what LTT says (like raise my hands); that way Rand will learn a lot more, and be able to face anyone and probably win. Also come the Last Battle it could be LTT channelling, and should the Dark One lash out at Rand to kill him. Instead of killing Rand, he kills LTT; as he is only a
  12. Well I know that Kahlan doesn't remember herself, but I think that she could unleash her powers, if she were to get too relaxed. If Janagge (spelling) had raped, her the next thing he would've been saying was "Mistress".
  13. The reason that I think that rand gets sick, is because the land (world) is sick (so to speak). The land is one with the Dragon and the Dragon one with the land. So maybe the only thing that could cure the land could be the song that the Tinkers are searching for. Maybe thats the only thing that can fix the land and in turn fix rand. [/i]
  14. A reason to have the island at least mentioned would be, that since the source has been cleansed they would make a good edition to the BT. There could also be someone there able to help Rand to learn thing that not even LTT knows.
  15. I'm not sue if this is correct; but doesn't it say somewhere that the Dragon has do die????????? If that was the case it would mean that LTT would die and finally be able to rest in peace. I say this because LTT is THE DRAGON and Rand is the Dragon Reborn. Hopefully you get what I'm saying as I haven't really thought about this and I don't have my books on hand.[/b]
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