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  1. I Don't belived that Taim is Ba'al. But RJ statment says directly "Someone who has been killed with balefire in actuality died before the apparent time of his or her death, and thus the window of opportunity for the Dark One to secure that soul for transmigration is gone before the Dark One can know that the soul must be secured unless the amount of balefire used is very small" - this implies the possebliyty that a person kill with a very small amount balefire can be transmigratet, so balefire isn't nessesarly definetif.
  2. Mat was not sick, the AS had don the healing, but he was exstramly weak.
  3. Altrougth Leane as a darkfriend would explain how some one in the WT knew about Leane and Egwene trip to the haborchaines. As I have understond(sp?) it, it was a secert plan not even know to the hall. The BA would probely (and Mesaana sertely) not have let this info into WT hands if the had know Egwene was one of the to, or at the very least had let Egwene ecape - Mesaana is angry at Hemali(sp?) over Egwene capture. This combinet whit the fact that Leane inverte the weaving to hid from the WT AS make me belive Leana is loyal to Egwene. But then agian who know - it would not be the first time RJ had me fool :)
  4. Another point in fevoer the dagger as a surces of the luck is that Slayer comments on Fains(the only other carier of the daggert) luck in staing alive.
  5. I have another suspeckt. Laras the cook. We know that Mesaana and her to 'compaions' has a sceam where the greates posible fraction of the AS is a integrete part. Laras helpt free siuan and leane(sp?), any inteligent person would know that siuan free would increase the confusion in the AS rank. In Egwene POW i KOD she thinks about Laras looking after her and preventing the rest of the kitcher creew heresing(sp?) her. We know that Mesaana is afriad of the rebelion ending whit Egwene in the Tower. Ofcause Laras could just be a desend humanbeing. :)
  6. There are women Seanchan soldiers. Mat meets one in the incident whene tree Seachan soldier tries to visit the cicus without paying.
  7. If the to part of the withecloak meet op aging it i defently a option - But I don't see that happen
  8. Asunawa an stil loyal to the Seanchan and is not whit Galad and the 7000 that was moving toward Malden when Perrin free Faile. I can't remember where percis Asunawa and what left og the withecloak that still are loyal to the Seanchan are, but somware in the teritoirs that the Seanchan controls - IIRC is mention somewhere in KoD. That Galad and Asunawa didn't had a figth is probebly because Galad didn't know of Asunawa involdment.
  9. In KoD we hear that apox. 7000 whitecloaks under command of Galad has rebel against the Seanchan. The rest is under the command of Asunawa an stil loyal to the Seanchan.
  10. Not nesesary(sp), the TP is direct from the DO, while the taint i viel layer on the OP. I don't think there is any connetion between the TP and the taint, as the DO has to portect the Forsaken from the taint.
  11. your are probely rigth about the eyes be windows to and not mirrors of the soul, but that dosn't realy change the argument, then you can se "the black" on the soul. ;) But I have abselutly no evedence from the book that this is the case. It is just a thougth ; :)
  12. Just a thougth: The eye are the mirrors of the soul - isn't this a saying?? Maby the adiction is metal, but as the TP slowly consuming the soul and the soul gets more and more black(this is pure spekulation - but TP is direct form DO) this is reflacte in the soul mirror aka the eyes as the black Saa. Or is this total insane?
  13. cwestervelt I'm afried your referanc to Siuan treatment of Nynaeve and Egwene in TGH is wrong. Siuan binds them whit air, then she pick Nyneave up, and talk about how she would like to fly, but that you can't lift you self, then she procced to talk about how she could do anything to a person she has pick up whit the power, and are porbely just about to do something to Nynaeve(she is trying to provoke her, because of her blok), when Nynavev pick Siuan up and slams her into the wall. now Siuan cuts Nynave of from the surce and tells her that she will be abel to prevent this with training. (this is a boild down version - TGH chapter 18 To the white tower) The fact that Siuan forgets that she has bound Egwene with air, sugest that she has tire the flowers off. All in all not a godt argument for your possition about Siuan streng before contra after stilling/healling, as we don't see her do anything else than bound and lift a single person + maby bound another simultanius.
  14. IIRC I seem to have read that RJ has said that the streng in the OP follow af bell-curve and that he has a 21 step skale, not with number and so on, but to keep trak which AS must defer to which. this combined with what the books has to say abuut the indvidul strengs of the diffrent channeler gives Luckers a prety good foundation for his teory reguarding the relativ streng betwen the channeler. This said I'm personly not sure Cyndane was servert, but Luckers teory is close to have me convienct.
  15. I think for my part that LTT is bound too the horn. This beliv is fuonded on the basis of Mat's qustion TGH chaper 47 to Artur Hawking: And Hawking answer: (here only larst part of the answer stated). It could maby be arguet that LTT is only bound to the patter to bee spun out to face the dark one and just hang aruond with the herons of the horn i TAR to passe time, but it seems me at bit far fetch. There is a strong connection between LTT and the horn, we know from TGH chapter 47 that the Herons are bound not only to the horn but allsow to the banner of the dragon. Artur Hawking again:
  16. It is Thom that keeps Selucia secert, he say something like: I'm an old man and sometimes I see thing that dont actuelle happen, but lukkelig I quikly forgets it again. He is refering to the fact that Selucia is Tuons secert boydyguard and a vary able figther.
  17. I seem to remnber that Jorin, the windfinder on the first ship Ny. og El. sailed with, only just managed(sp???) to set fire to the Seachan ship. If this is the case it dont seem like the windfinder er train for battel.
  18. The fact that the exist sowrd made by the OP, Tam's and Rand new one from king Laman, with the heron on makes it clear that it was a symbol used in AoL. I don't know if it was as a symbol for bladmasters, but the what was it used for?. As i remember it LTT is mention as a bladmaster i the books, but I can't recall where.
  19. But her compaion, Gaidal Cain, has been spoon out(missing form som time i TAR agording to Birgittes own word). Besides the number stories about Bergitte, Thom thinks/talks about a multible of stories som under ohter names, and af far as I know he's oldes story is from the age before AoL, sugsest, to me, that she at least has been spoon out more that one time pr. age. Maby some af the heros gets spoon out more often that ohters. :-\
  20. Properbly that Selucia is very skill at combat, she is Tuon's secred bodyguard
  21. Ther is only on thing to say: [move]MAT RULES[/move] ;D
  22. Bergitte has a PoW i KoD, where she thinking abuot her menory, she can't rember anything before the end af the AoL her menory of helping in the greation of th WT is begining to become fossy. This do suggest, in my mind, I haven't read BWB, that the heros can be born in more that one time pr age. Does enyone know somting that contradict this? In my mind Mat desserve to be tirret to the Patter after this live. ;D
  23. Thom killed Taringail. In TSR ch. 17 Deception Moiraine has forlowing quat: "...Forunate for morgase, Taringail's deat. I do not suppose she ever learned he meant her to die and himself to be Andors's first king..." while bulling thom to forlow the girls to Tanchico.
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