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  1. Hi, Long time reader, but I don't post frequently and I apologize if this topic has already been covered. I tried searching but didn't find anything directly answering the question. If this post is duplicative of something I missed, please feel free to admonish me, provide a link, and close this thread. In ToM, Rand mentioned that he was the only "properly raised" Aes Sedai alive that hadn't turned to the Shadow. Did RJ/Team Jordan/the BWB ever explain what it meant to be properly raised in the Age of Legends versus how it is done now? If not, does anyone happen to know if this might be one of the things included in the recently announced Companion? Thanks in advance for any info and sorry again if I missed a discussion on this. It's a line I glossed over in my first couple of re-reads, but it stuck with me the most recent time I re-read the series. Also, side note: many thanks for all of the interesting reading/theories/et al. over the years. I look back both fondly and wistfully on all of the speculation between new releases. Regards, ~Lemagrag
  2. I noticed a few times throughout the book that there were people putting away letters sealed with red wax, a la Verin's letters. I didn't really pay attention to the appearances of these letters and who had them until it was too late. Does anyone have a handy list of people who had such letters in ToM?
  3. I may be able to clean up the quality a bit with my audio editing software. If I make any headway, I'll let you know.
  4. They are aware of her ability of masking and traveling, as they have repeatedly asked her and Leane to show them the weaves. Oops. Sorry about that. It's been awhile since I re-read KoD. Currently on Crown of Swords again right now. Thanks for the clarification!
  5. Regarding the arrest warrant, I'd suspect that either a) she channeled there (using a well or some such thing), or she was hiding the fact she was Aes Sedai and committed some other crime, perhaps against a noble or the like. As Dragon21 said, though, we could speculate endlessly on it. There's just not enough info to even have a clue from what I recall of my reading.
  6. I will also point out that from what I recall, the WT as a whole is unaware of Traveling and Masking, so even if she got away, they'd have every expectation of being able to find her. Personally, I am of the belief that she's always being watched, if not fully escorted, much like there always "happen to be" a few Warders watching Mat and his entourage when he first comes to Salidar.
  7. In both cases, weaves dissipate. Balefire is a weave. I see no reason to believe Balefire would affect either the gholam or Mat's medallion.
  8. Don't know on Hawkwing, but Tuon is described as very dark black. I believe Mat once thinks of her as an ebony porcelain doll.
  9. Yes, Lanfear poses as Keille. However, she's posing as an unknown merchant in the Aiel Waste for a relatively brief period of time. Mesaana, however, is posing as an Aes Sedai in the White Tower--someone at least vaguely known to others. Moghedien reveals that the Mask of Mirrors is more easily done the less you change about one's physical features. Tjat combined with Alviaran almost recognizing Mesaana when her Mask is shattered by Shaidar Haran, it makes physical similarities quite relevant. While I was already in the Danelle camp before this thread, the original post in this thread convinces me that it's very likely that Danelle is Mesaana.
  10. Indeed, and while I haven't read the book in awhile, isn't that right after Rand zots himself to Tarwin's Gap, where the Borderlanders are fighting off the Trolloc horde coming down from the Blight? If so, then the "IT IS NOT HERE" could also be interpreted more specifically--the battle of Tarwin's Gap is not the true battle of light vs. dark. I seem to recall that's the order of operations, but my memory is admittedly foggy.
  11. Oh! Right. And there's an example of one I totally spaced, even after reading about it not 10 minutes before I posted my previous reply.
  12. Well, to be fair, she hasn't returned yet, so we don't know for sure. However, that's what a seemingly large majority suspect. The way I see it playing out, and mind you this is pure speculation, is that Moiraine will be recovered by Matt and Thom. I think Noal Charin (Jain Farstrider) will die in Finnland. We know that the three ta'veren need to be together for Rand to succeed per Min's viewing, so I figure Mat and company will likely meet up with Rand in short enough order after that, where he'll be able to direct Moiraine to Flinn for healing. I suspect that with everything going on in the White Tower, Moiraine ending up at the Black Tower via Rand is much more likely than running into Nynaeve first. Just my own idle speculation.
  13. The incident with Bela is the first time Rand channels. He just doesn't realize it yet. Moiraine explains this at the end of Eye of the World, if I'm not mistaken. Regarding Aviendha's ability to read ter'angreal, I'm fairly sure it's a Talent directly related to the fact that she can channel, much like reading residues and so on, so I'm not sure you can count that. As far as abilities that don't require channeling, we have: Dreamwalking Wolfbrothers Min's ability, whatever you wish to call it Sniffing (a la Hurin) There's also the very specific link, due to their unique ta'veren-ness, of Rand, Matt, and Perrin being able to see each other if they think about each other hard enough. On the darker side, there's the largely not-described-but-hinted at, specifically with Padan Fain and Myrddraal. They are both said to have Powers that aren't from the One Power. There's also the soul-sucking of the dragkhar. Regarding ter'angreal that allow people to perform actions without having to channel, the only two I can think of off the top of my head is the dream ter'angreal like Egwene's ring and the Crystal Throne of the Seanchan.I know there are others; I just haven't had my morning coffee yet. Hopefully that at least provides a place to start.
  14. -Every time Rand embraces the true source -Almost every scene with Faile or Aviendha -Bathing/sweat tents -Anything Tuon
  15. Something to consider: Is it possible that because of the different ways that men and women weave gateways that it may be more likely for a male to run into another male skimming due to the rules of the in-between space?
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