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  1. My name was supposed to be al'Cal, but the sign ' isn't normally accepted in names on the Internet, so I didn't even try it. Anyways, Cal is the three first letters in my nickname, and it sounds nice. The "al" is of course from WoT
  2. I think it's time for a real battle in HP! Of WoT-size, 100000 wizards against each other on a big field! Imagine that! - The plot - Snape will be elected Minister of Magic and Harry will get his @ss kicked by Voldemort, and then, when it looks like he's going to die, he will kill Voldemort with a geek-curse he learned in his first year. Yep, that's it. Don't know if there's any point in reading the book for you all when you know what's going to happen? (But seriously, either Harry or Voldemort has to die for the series to finish properly. I don't know who's my favourite though...)
  3. Oh yes, that would do it. But I don't like the idea of AS bonding Asha'man... But, well, if it works...
  4. But thay can't do anything against the damane before they're attacking, and that has already proved dangerous. Several sisters (i think?) got the collar because they couldn't do anything before they were actually attacked.
  5. Welcome to Dragonmount, and lucky you to read LoC for the first time! Enjoy it here!
  6. Ah, of course.. didn't really think of that. But there's still the Seanchan. Many sisters will be taken as damane unless they can do something about that or make peace with them. And I'm a bit worried about a dream Egwenehad about Seanchan attacking the Tower. Nevertheless, I think that a small change of the oaths would make it easier for the AS to fight both DF and other things that should be fought.
  7. I think she will take some oaths, but I think that the three will be changed slightly so that it's easier to use the power as a weapon. They need it now when they have both the Seanchan and TG coming up. After all, the oaths is what makes a woman an AS. It wasn't in the AOL, but it seem like it's necessary now. And she has the idea of old sisters "unswearing" the oaths when they want to retire, so that will probably happen.
  8. Yes, that's what i thought. But I'm not sure that RJ will have the time to unite the two towers into one before the TG, or if he would even if he had the time. But it would be cool, almost like it was in the AOL
  9. Haha, good point... On the subject of Red Ajahs future, I would say that it will continue to exist in much the same way it has, depending on the future of the Tower. Their purpose and goal will change a bit though since saidin is clean. They might take Warders or bond Asha'man or become a bit more friendly, but it depends on what happens to the Tower. Egwene will become the Amyrlin and she want's to hold all Ajahs together so she won't ban it like Elaida did with the Blue. And who knows, maybe the Black and White Tower will unite. Or does Elaidas foretelling about the BT make that impossi
  10. Oh, it was lovely to see that goal! But it's a well known fact that England will never beat Sweden, so no surprise today, right?
  11. In the most recent of my WoT-dreams I was attacked by Liandrin. Not a pleasant experience, since she channeled... ^^ But I got pissed off when I woke up and found that I was in the real world and not Randland ^^.
  12. *Joining the Scandinavian invasion* From Stockholm, which is the capital of Sweden :lol: Nice to see so many Scandinavians ^^
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