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  1. CCR baby, hmmm... Aerosmith, the Stones, and though I don't think they'd really be classic, STP.
  2. I don't think a TV series would really work myself.. Movies would be nice though. TV Series just wouldn't work because you'd be lucky to get a single book into a single season, and you'd have to ensure you lasted for 12 seasons... kind of tough to do.
  3. The wheels on the rack go round and round, round and round, the wheels on the rack go round and round all through the session... The person on the rack goes AAAAA and AAAAAAA, AAAAAA and AAAAAA, the person on the rack goes AAAAA and AAAAA, AAAAA and AAAAAA all through the session. The hot poker on the rack goes sizzle and sizzle, sizzle and sizzle, the hot poker on the rack goes sizzle and sizzle, sizzle and sizzle, all through the session... There you go, our torture theme song.
  4. I know Loreina, I made my first post there, and explained my situation a little. Working 12 hour shifts does dampers on one's ability to post in a spot where reading is nearly mandatory.... in here I can post whatever I wish, and no one would think anything of it. Hehehe. Hey now, no crucifixion there..... well... maybe... Dang it... How do I edit my post? I should do that before Talya sees it... Why didn't I think of that while I was posting?
  5. Ignoring me causes enough pain as it is... It hurts being ignored. :( This post has been modified by myself to say that this is all fictional, and if it had been real, I'd have been smiling and not frowning. Thank you for partaking in my test, cause this was only a test, to see if anyone was paying attention... Yup yup yup.
  6. I am not afraid of any whips. Mwahahaahaha. It won't achieve anything at all. Nope, nothing.
  7. I didn't say I could. I said I wanted someone to do it so I can play in the snow. :( Greatest thing in the world almost is playing in snow. It ranks a little behind giving Talya a hard time.
  8. So, who wants to make it snow so I can have some fun and build an impenetrable snow fort to make everyone jealous of me?
  9. I see how it is.. Everyone is against me... well... Just for that, I'm going to build the world's largest snow fort and no siege could ever cause it to give way. Mwahahahahahahaha.... *sits and waits for it to snow* Darn glitches in plans.
  10. How now, they aren't that big... Now I don't wanna dance if I'm going to be treated like that. :( *storms off in a fit of rage*
  11. Oh? What did you get rid of exactly? I'm like infinitely lost now. Hehehehe.
  12. Well of course it would be done in clothes.... How could you not expect that? Sheesh.. I'm not that terrible.... yet....
  13. Yup, page 13.... I'm so happy... I feel so loved. :D WHEEE!!!!!!! So, who wants to dance?
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