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  1. I was going to say that exact same thing. It will be very interesting to count the number of things in AMoL that are reactions to fan outcry around parts of TGS and ToM. Egwene's stance on seals, Mat's letter etc. I know I did my own share of crying out, but I honestly think it would have been better for BS to stick to his guns instead of making AMOL an apology tour for minor details such as Mat's penmanship, the taste of wines etc. In the grand scheme of things whether its a bandage or not is completely irrelevant to the story; whether Mat really had horrid penmanship and now writes better because he's accepted his place as Prince of Ravens, or Brandon screwed up and he wasn't supposed to be bad and is fixing it, has nothing to do with the outcome of the story. I for one chose to accept it as face value, and that something in the story prompted him to improve his writing. I agree that this is probably a letter to Elayne to explain why he left to go to Tuon, et cetera, probably post FoM.
  2. no, I believe several were mentioned but none near Shayol Ghul which is deep in the Blight and has never been a nice place after the Breaking. I may be remembering incorrectly, but I think it was mentioned once that there was once a city in the Age of Legends near where Shayol Ghul currently is. And since they Ways are a pre-breaking creation (unless I'm also remembering that wrong), it would stand to reason there was once a Waygate very near Shayol Ghul. And if Rand is "dead", or everyone thinks he is, it might make sense he needs a way to travel incognito, but fast, to deal with the DO. Or, as another alternative, maybe Rand or Mat is positioning a fighting force inside the Ways to counter an invasion coming through there, or perhaps to close remaining Waygates from the inside, to prevent another invasion.
  3. Not sure if my request would fall within Epilogue, or Forsaken, but I think the Cyndane/Lanfear issue needs a place to be discussed, with regards to "really in trouble" or "trap for Rand".
  4. Know what I would like to see? Androl getting bonded by Pevara, then linking and using added strength to break through the dreamspike. If Androl could almost get a weave to form, with him being as weak as he was, what would happen if he was linked with an AS?
  5. I agree with this, even after ToM. Mat got a much better grade this time, but still fell a bit short. It's not something tangible that you can really grasp and say "this is how to do it right" either. TDR through KoD Mat was amazingly clever and marvelous. Probably impossible to capture once gone. I hold out hope, however, that the last chapter of AMoL has at least one Mat PoV in it, even if it's somewhat short. If there is one, it would go far to soothe whatever ill feelings or sense of loss I've had pertaining to this. I read *somewhere* a few weeks ago, where someone had complimented Brandon on the Tower of Ghenji, and his response was that he could take very little credit. So, if your hope for AMoL last chapter is because you want RJ Mat, bear in mind that you've just gotten a couple of chapters of him. If you didn't like him here, it's not that likely to be made better in AMoL. Those were actually by far my favorite Mat chapters, the only ones that felt 'locked in' if you could call it that (maybe a few other short passages too, it was a long book). I didn't exactly dislike the huge majority of them much at all in ToM, but there were usually parts that nudged me out of the story, keeping me off balance. The last thing he yells at the Finns sounded incredibly appropriate when compared with his curses in the land of the Eelfinn back in TSR though. I remembered re-reading it the same way I did 'sheep swallop and bloody buttered onions' the first time. I guess part of the discomfort I feel comes with the knowledge that there's a chance that at any time I might suddenly be reading something that takes me back to his 'quips' and 'bandying words' that went so far afield in TGS. (They did show up again in ToM and you can't deny it.) Once we get to that last chapter, we know for sure what we're getting into. I can let my subconscious guards down and just read the damn thing without any mental second guessing. This is what bugs me about people picking apart character voices, when only BS and team jordan know who wrote what. (paraphrased) Person A: I didn't like Mat in this book at all, didn't feel right. Person B: Brandon said he didn't do much of ToG sequence Person A: Umm, I mean I liked Mat in ToG, I really meant it was the OTHER chapters of Mat I didn't like.... Seriously? Moving on; personally, I liked the book, actually wasn't a single part I didn't like. Well, Perrin's woe is me part in beginning, maybe. Best part for me was Perrin's hammer forging, more than any other ... had a strong emotional punch.
  6. Again, why? Makes no sense. What N said is too much like what the columns warned about, and got Avi thinking about future of the Aiel. Unless you think someone also messed with the columns? Why would the bad guys want to mess with Avi's head about the nature/future, when Tarmon Gaidon is here? They have other things to be doing, that would be much more productive. Power wielding at all doesn't make sense either, since it doesn't explain all the weird stuff going on in that whole scene
  7. I honestly think we can rule out the DF thing; based upon Avi's visions, the prompting of N seems to be too much of assistance/help/etc -- to get Avi thinking about future of the Aiel, and to challenge her thinking. A DF playing a long-range/backup plan thing seems too far fetched, its too close to end-game of this age to be thinking about the next one -- they have better/nastier things to do.
  8. The whole thing smelled like TAR to me, even though that seems implausible since there wasn't any indication of Avi dreaming. There being more coals all of a sudden, silverware and belongings appearing suddenly ... it all seemed like something that would happen in TAR. The person appearing/disappearing could be Power-ish, but everything else seems more TAR-like. I definitely got the impression she was Aiel, or an Aiel that was out of touch a lot (i.e. - Jenn that have been in hiding; yes, yes, I know they saw their extinction). As for who, seems to be more likely to be Jenn reminent than Verin, especially if it was TAR bleeding into reality due to Pattern weakness, et cetera. Just my impressions.
  9. I beg to differ. I agree, Mat is not stupid. However, he says what he thinks, things that he knows could be taken offensively, so of course he's rude on purpose sometimes, especially when the situation calls for it. And being smart really does not necessarily have to translate into excellent written communication skills. And being literate, in the sense of knowing how to read, does also not translate into good written communucation skills. And maybe before he had several drafts of a letter, whereas this one was first draft, one he didn't bother to rewrite, as he said. Or maybe he was in a hurry, which he was, and was really irritated with Elayne, which he was, which could have affected things. Or maybe he's a class A author in the old tongue, that wouldn't transfer to current words/sentence structure. Bottom line, I think it was in character for Mat, it made me laugh, and I thought it fit in the story. I also think people arguing over the letter are thinking too much :)
  10. Oh :). Agreed on that ... I think it was definitely good, I think a constructive dialogue would be, well, constructive for everyone involved. With Cadsuane to help keep Rand's head level, and Nyneave and the Wise One's to keep Egwene's head level, I think it might turn out well. Lol even though with Rand's Taverenness, we obviously know how its going to turn out, or at least presume
  11. I have to ask ... why? Really, what does it matter who wrote it? Many agree that the trip through the columns in TSR is one of, if not the, finest moments in the series. RJ at his finest (he agreed, btw). I think it would complete RJ's awesomeness if he were the one to write that screen (or at least script it). Otherwise, it would feel like BS challenging RJ's achievement. Saying, "Look, I can do this too". I am eternally grateful to BS and like that he is trying to find his own voice within the series. In fact, I respect him a great deal for that. However, if he's just trying to ape RJ's triumph, he takes away from the work that he has done so far. While I appreciate your feelings, I think most people would disagree, to include Brandon Sanderson. He's not doing this to show up RJ, or imitate RJ, or take RJ's place, or usurp RJ's triumph. He's just doing what he needs to do to complete the story the way the Creator meant it to be. If that called for a parallel to the original column sequence, thats what he did, to the best of his ability to make it fit with the first sequence. Based upon everything Brandon has said, and the rest of team Jordan, I can safely say there was no "ap[ing of] RJ's triumph" involved. While doing WoT has definitely boosted BS's sales, Brandon didn't do WoT to take over and ride its success ... he did it purely for the love of the story, and to do the best he could to finish it off. That, at least, is my honest opinion, based upon the interviews I've read and heard from Brandon, and team Jordan. This thread is not about that, however, so I'll leave it there.
  12. I don't think we can say Egwene would be right for opposing Rand. I think at this point in time she has a basis for questioning Rand, due to a lack of explanations, but the issue of intentionally breaking the seals has been too central a point in the series for too long, IMO, to be wrong. It was Rand that brought the question up to Fel. Even if Fel's eventual response was forged to trick Rand, it was still Rand's idea -- and I'm sure RJ made Rand have that idea for a reason. Even if the DO also wants the seals broken, that does not in my mind invalidate the need to "clear away the rubble" in order to fix the bore. I don't think it can be argued that it was what is needed -- not a "patch", but a true "reseal" or "fix" in the prison. Logically, you can't fix something that is already patched. If something is fixed wrong, you rip open the "fix" and do it the right way. The way I see it, of COURSE the dark side wants the seals broken, why not? It'll help free the DO. However, the light side needs it done as well, so the bore can be fixed the right way. It'll just be a race to see if Rand and Co. can fix the seal before being obliterated, et cetera, by the bad dudes.
  13. I have to ask ... why? Really, what does it matter who wrote it?
  14. Does this imply TP? Or because of what happened, he's something different/more?
  15. Don't think that would do any good. It was established at Falme that the Heroes "...come to the Horn", but "... follow the Banner and the Dragon." Mat would need to grab the Banner and swing by and pick up Rand, too if he wants to be sure using the Horn will do any good. I don't think he has any idea where Rand currently is, although his Ta'veren Technicolor Telepathy might help with that. They will follow the Dragon IF he is around. And if his banner is around, they will need that too. Neither of them are necessary though. I'm not sure this is the thread for this, but I'm going to respectfully disagree. I've always read this as saying that they come to the horn, but do nothing without the dragon the banner present ... so basically useless without Rand and the banner. I know this has been discussed to death in other threads though. Back on topic, I'm really interested to see Rand's meeting Tam again, everyone's reactions to Zen Rand, badass Matt and Perrin ... going to be a really good book :) Can someone elaborate more on Rand being permenantly linked to Saidin? Does this mean he doesn't get sick anymore when he channels, cause he's always holding it, or something like that?
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