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  1. I don't have uhber amounts of time to post and stuff, Your forum is cool. koodoes to the creators and the forumers. As I don't have time, anything that Falco Says, I back up... :) DM Punkwit
  2. You challenge my spelling!? YOU CHALLENGE THE SPELLING OF A CHILDE!!! DARKFRIEND! As for weaves of air. I R Commander. 411 my ch4r1sm4 r b3l0ng 2 my s4v3s! The person sneeking up on you is THE HAMMER! (Now in new and improved sneeky STR bassed blade master form, sneeker with dev and a great sword) -stands back and watches the carnage.... Hangs redffern, cause we all know potatoes are from the darkone.- -flex-
  3. Pft. I am bad! And someone to play with... Hmmm, Gonna find myself a witch to collar... Thats what I admire about the seanchan... Witches on a leash; the way the creator designed it to be.
  4. ! THE LIGHT HAMMER!!!!!!!! Phear and Dhoom as this little commander power pack of the light Buffs his AC through the roof, Madmen will be smited! Witches too! And if Brian West is involved! Then little girls that call the Children of the Light White Cloaks! ... She was a darkfriend! I miss my nemesis now... -crys!- If you don't like, or don't understand this, your most likely a darkfriend, Unfortunately you would most likely have to be a Childe of the Light to understand this; in which case if your not, your a darkfriend. If you deny being a darkfriend... Well... only a darkfriend would lie! DARKFRIEND! -Obi dah! Dabora! SESLNAH!- T3h PUNKWIT! >.<
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