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  1. Egwene' death was the saddest for sure. Lan's almost death (the sequence of him riding out to face Demandred maybe one of the most epic scenes in all of WOT) came second for me.
  2. I have begun my reread its definitely a different experience. Its seemingly more...enjoyable?? Like the hurt and pain of the ending has given way to joy of seeing our favorite characters grow up and kick Shaitan's ass. I will say this, this will be my favorite book in the series. I have never had a book illicit emotions from me like this book has.
  3. I tell you guys, I feel like I have lost a brother. I havent been able to think straight at work. For some reason, my world feels more...lonely?...today. A day of joyful sorrow indeed
  4. None of them did what they did knowing that they were going to die. None except one.
  5. Again all you do is show a faulty understanding of the process and it has never ever been confirmed that RJ wrote the "entire last few chapters". You either misunderstood what was reported or are flat out making things up. Finally Iif you think RJ hasn't faced heavy criticism and scrutiny on these boards, particularly post CoT you truly have not spent much time here. Sure. Whatever you say.
  6. So you mean to tell me that you do not believe that RJ wrote Rand vs DO? That is the end that I refer to and that is the end that has been the most frustrating to many on this board. And yes, I think Rand v DO was perfect. Brandon wouldn't have dared touch that or the epilogue. Distinctly RJ whether you like it or not.
  7. I understand what you are saying. He did start it with his condescending tone. But I think there is a general tendency for this forum to be overly critical of BS. Therefore people are having struggles reconciling that even RJ couldnt please them so we "wait for confirmation of who wrote what." Well, its clear RJ wrote the entire last few chapters. It had his feel. Plus its been confirmed MANY times prior. Well, now that we have become a forum that argues the minutiae, we have also subjected the great RJ to our ridiculous scrutiny and found him wanting. We need to "let go" and accept that it was HIS story, not ours. No matter how much it has touched our lives.
  8. lol do you even have any idea which parts were written by RJ? Um...uh...lets seee....uh....maybe the end? You know, the part that BOTH Harriet and Brandon have been stating for FIVE years that RJ wrote and wanted relatively untouched???
  9. Anyone else find it ironic that the parts that most people on this thread hate the most are the parts written by RJ? Just admit that your feelings are hurt because it didn't go the way you dreamed it. I thought it was a beautiful ending. It touched me and has me questioning parts if my life that I need to "let go." RJ was a true master. And oh, DAMN Rand is a BOSS. Totally went Beastmode there at the end.
  10. Any one is already filled with awe and sorrow? Rands words at the end of chapter 20 were almost tear jerking. Great book thus far
  11. How so? In fact Brandon said Rand had powered up as of KoD when addressing this topic. Right. And we know Rand didnt have an angreal KOD.
  12. We need to get Avi around Calandor. I am almost certain that it also functions as a ter'angreal. Maybe she will get a chance to after she meets with the Dragon.
  13. The title is about Rand being the world's memory of light in its darkest time. Period.
  14. What does "By Grace and Fallen Banners" represent?
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