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  1. Oooo... pretty... But i didnt mean i was going to worship you, sorry ;)
  2. *points* I was bowing down to the Light over there.. but..your here now! *snuggles Naeann more*
  3. O Rly? Can you back this claim up? *Falco hear's an ethreal voice* Yes
  4. Anywhere I want! *pokes out tongue then licks Naeann with it.* *rubs his neck..* There are so many holes in it... it doesnt even hurt anymore..
  5. *pats* Good girl.. *Snuggles and licks somemore* He isnt really that bad a kid :P
  6. *blinks* Hes not actually my brother ... erm! Shh! less talking, more snuggling! *Bite* And yeah.. he probly does but still! *Snuggle*
  7. *throws a boot then edges away slowly with naeann* I no longer responibility for bringing the Punk of the light here! *Snuggles Naeann as they edge further and further away*
  8. I know you're not a plaything, doesnt mean I won't keep you though *Grins and pokes lots* I think he just signed up now.. he'll likely make himself heard anymoment now..
  9. Well, first, I'm going to tell you that a friend of mine is coming aswell... he's actually my roommate! :o As to what his DM login will be, i'm not yet sure.. but youll know it when you see if! We play CotL elsewhere who are Brothers, mine is known as the Hammer.. and his is the known as the Light hammer (Cause his is younger) ... so be forwarned! The Light Hammer is coming! Beyond that, I haven't decided.. I might just keep you ;D
  10. Good girl *pats more* ...erm... Redffern, whyare you giggling in a corner? *Steals Naeann away and doesnt wait for an answer*
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