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  1. oh! the fringe came from crazycrow.com :)
  2. Dear Reds, I'm getting married in September, I'm taking a cert course to become a teacher (so changing careers by this summer), and life has generally been crazy busy! So yea, stuff and things. Back to lurking the lurking lurk of lurkers. Yele
  3. HI, I'm Yele. I've spent more time in the basement than is probably proper, and I don't get out much. :P I've got two degrees (Humanities and History), I play with data at work, and I do SCA things in my spare time. I have a husband and a dachshund mix, and I live close enough to NASA to share a fence with them. I got into WOT in the late '90s, and found the online groups (and then the RL communities at cons) in the early '00s. I've been staff at D*Con and for Jordan Con, and at one time was doing admin-y work for TV.net. I also have sporks at my desk that Moon Sedai gave me when we met up in 2013! But then she left me for Arizona, and I only sort-of forgive her ;) (updated in 2018 - I still have at least one these sporks!) Being Red reminds me of the best parts of me, the parts I want to encourage to flourish and grow. I know that I can show up after a few years, and once I get know know the new folks, I can go back to sporking on the sidelines and getting eaten alive by RL.
  4. Dear Reds, Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here... no, wait. scratch that. It's been a while. A while-while. There have been ups and downs and successes and failures. But, for now, I've managed to finish both bachelor degrees I set out to complete a few years back. I'm engaged, I have a job, I can't complain too loudly. I had a random autoimmune thing take me out of roller derby, which threw me for a tailspin. I've been working on depression, and I'm just starting to deal with PTSD stuffs. But I'm back here for a bit to haunt the halls and see what mischief can be managed tofor the new Highest. <3 Yele
  5. I've been tracking via goodreads, I'm hoping - between school and pleasure, I can get 30 this year. Completed: 1. Listen to Me Now, or Listen to Me Later: A Memoir of Academic Success for College Students, W. Hoston 2. Ghetto Cowboy (audiobook), N. Geri 3. Haroun and the Sea of Stories, S. Rushdie 4. One Hundred Years of Solitude, G. G. Marquez 5.The Man in the High Castle, P. K. Dick 6. Hedging His Bets, C. Kyle & M. Carter In Process 1. All the Pretty Horses, C. McCarthy 2. Through the Arc of the Rainforest, K. T. Yamashita To Read Legion, B Sanderson The Rhithmatist, B. Sanderson Emperor's Soul, B. Sanderson Utilitarianism, J. S. Mill Nisa: The Life and Words of a !Kung Woman, M Shostak Veiled Sentiments: Honor and Poetry in a Bedouin Society, L Abu-Lughod The Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle The Tortilla Curtain, T. C. Boyle A Book of Common Prayer, J Didion The Bingo Palace, L Erdrich Paradise, T. Morrison Dead Ringers: How Outsourcing Is Changing the Way Indians Understand Themselves, S Nadeem Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals: With on a Supposed Right to Lie Because of Philanthropic Concerns, I. Kant The Second Treatise of Government and A Letter Concerning Toleration, J Locke
  6. Dear Reds. I've got a saying right now - everything will calm down once I'm 30 (on the 23rd). hah! TarValon.Net's anni went well, and I'm gearing up for JordanCon the best I can. I've got games this weekend (in San Antonio) and next weekend, and I'm running on fumes. So tired! Things at work have been wonky as well, in part because I just don't want to be here anymore. But! At least I have a job. *sigh* I'm gonna be pretty afk until after next weekend. also! editing to add - I just noticed I'm dangerously close to actually completing all the req's for raising. Scary thought. July will be 5 years on the site. I'm pretty sure I can draw it out. (while I remember running a WT tour with Kathleen ages ago - I could do for another go at that)
  7. Oh, this video made me cry at work. Amazingly powerful, and well done! I'm sharing it with my VDay warriors. <3
  8. Dear Reds, I know how to keep busy! The Vagina Monologues goes up this weekend - we're doing two performances, Friday and Saturday. Getting to meet Moon will be an added bonus! We had a fundraiser yesterday and raised $1k - super excited about that! Our funds go to a local women's shelter, and to building women's shelters in Haiti. Now I just need to get over the sinus/allergy funk! <3 Yele
  9. Dear Torrie, Yea, this thread is totally my fave. Makes it easy to catch up on everything that was going on while I was away (at least as much as was posted). Dear Moon, YAY \o/ Dear Elgee, Totally been there. <3 If you need snarky quips to brighten your day, you know where to find me ;) Dear Tyn, Yay for fading sun burn! Dear Reds, Went to the renaissance festival 3 days in a row (last weekend + holiday weekend = extended hours). It was super awesome, and just the thing I needed to get out of my head space and enjoy doing something that wasn't WoT or Derby related. <3 Yele
  10. Moon, I'm doing it with UHCL, the show goes up Feb 17th and 18th. Reds, Tryouts last night were amazing. It was just falls and stops - but I was pushed so hard and it was just an amazing feeling. There are about 24 girls trying out, and I don't think all of us will make the league. Several girls recognized me which was...awkward? I purposefully didn't wear my sports goggles to keep folks from recognizing me, but they apparently did anyway, I think it was name recognition, since it's on my helmet. So, more tryouts tonight and then on Sunday. I also play the championship game on Saturday, and an away game on Sunday with my old/current league. juggling is odd. Keeping this secret is awkward. I just need to get through this weekend. I don't like being deceptive, but I don't want to deal with the emotions and potential cattiness until after the game. Yele
  11. Dear Reds, I miss you dearly. I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but damn, life has been crazy. I'm switching derby leagues, the championship game is this Saturday, and I just got a part in the Vagina Monologues (Vagina Workshop) - the show goes up in February. No rest for the wicked, I suppose. <3 Yele
  12. Dear Reds, it's quarterly report time, so I'm crazy busy. Most of our centers are running summer camps, so they aren't at their desks - so I can't hunt them down for the info they hadn't sent me yet :| The report is due on Friday. I've started exercising a bit more, I'm at the 'ow, it hurts' stage. I'm going up and down the staircase at work (10 floors, 500 steps RT) twice a day. I can feel it in my calves already. I'm also trying to swim about two days a week with my boyfriend (who needs the exercise but finds it hard to get the time off). Also - game day on Saturday. I'm kinda nervous. But also...I dunno - there's a lack of emotion when I think about it. Like... I'm not super pumped, or but not super 'zomg doom'...I just don't know how to feel about it. If my team wins, we remain undefeated. If we lose - our first loss to the 'weakest' team on the league. My derby wife (not officially, but she may as well be) is the co-captain for that team. I think most of her team seems resigned to losing it. I'm doing my best to pump my team up for victory. (trash talking on FB and the like - it's all in fun) Also, I think if we win this game, it helps solidify our spot in the playoffs - so that's also something to think about. Perhaps my brain is just turning off instead of dealing with the pressure. Wouldn't be the first time. I just kinda feel disembodied when I think about it. Yele
  13. Moon! Argh! I was there too! I was playing in the derby games from 1-4 on Sunday! Reds - The tournament is next weekend. I'm so in that last minute panic. I'm both hyper-focused and to hyper to focus. how does that even work?! I could use that pause button again! yele
  14. Dear Reds, One of my All Stars broke herself last night. It was the same type of break one of my teammates had 6 months ago. (Tibia, Fibula) I went to the ER with her, and kinda just kept her company until her family could get there. Once I got home, it hit me and kinda shook me up. The girl is ok, but will have surgery soon to add a few plates and bolts to her ankle. I've got a game every Saturday for the next 4 weeks. The Tournament we're training for is 10-12. I think I need to be more vigilant about taking my calcium. :/
  15. Dear Moon - are you qualified to sub teach? I know one of the principals of an alternative school in Pasadena, and they're hurting for subs (and likely teachers too). It's super tough finding an education job right now :/ you'll have slightly better luck in July. Dear Reds - had a practice with the Houston roller derby girls last night. It went... I mean, it was good to practice, but whoa we need more time together before the game next weekend :P I'm going to Austin tomorrow to catch one of their games an try to steal strategy. (which means, I'm going to watch a game, yell all crazy-like and drink some) Good times! I'm nervous about the up-coming games. I can't muster up enough to hope for the best because i know our skill set, practice time, etc are all against us. It'll be fun to play, tho, so I'm at least looking forward to getting beaten. I'm just a sore loser. bah! -Yele
  16. And lo - the reason several folks from derby and my high school are on hide/ignore. Several of those seem too good to be true. Gotta love it!
  17. Dear Reds, I'm red. no really - I'm really, really red. I spend an hour outside building a swing for my mom yesterday. I'm paying for that hour with a throbbing, itchy, painful sunburn on my back and arms. Even the tops of my hands are burned. ugh. Aloe and pain meds for me today! Yele p.s. *hugs* for Torrie!
  18. Dear Reds, went to the dentist. One of my wisdom teeth is impacted, and will have to be surgically removed. UGH. I'm gonna look at scheduling it for late June or so. NOT looking forward to it. Had a chipped tooth dealt with today, and gonna have a few cavities dealt with in a few weeks. oww, yele.
  19. Excited to see "multiple" in that headline! Congrats!
  20. Kivam - ahahhaa, awesome catch :P Dear Reds, Got my cast off on Wednesday~! I still don't have much movement with my thumb, but I'm going to physical therapy, and it's getting better slowly. I've done practice Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday and have judged myself able to play in the game this weekend. SO EXCITED. Tyn, I love keeping myself busy - I have a knack for it ;) - did you end up getting a naval piercing, or other? How'd it go? For politics - I'm generally a moderate who leans towards being fiscally conservative. eh, I'm bad with labels, and I generally tend to vote for the person I feel will be the most balanced and do what's good for the region they'd be representing.
  21. Dear Reds, I've registered for a summer class. I'm excited! and nervous. It looks like I'll be going for Humanities Pre-Law. That makes me more nervous. heh. I also have games 6 of the next 7 weekends - ending in that 3 day tournament. Wow, time flies. Yele
  22. I often use internet speak in real life.* But - I'm using it understanding it's internet speak, and usually to underscore a point. I'm not super keen on these things getting included in the dictionary. It's...kind of awful. I equate it with "ain't" - which might be in the dictionary, but hell if I'll actually use it in any serious conversation. *"ohemgee", "forrealz", "BTDubs", "srsbsns", etc.
  23. Dear Kivam - i know this is a stretch and not likely something you'd do, but i'm curious! Is the restriction purely based on genetics? Say, a convert is tested and has the genetic sequence that identifies descendants of Aaron (CMH?) - would you then be able to entertain the idea of marriage? Dear Reds, typing one-handed sucks. my hand only spans from A to J (with thumb at the spacebar) so my typing is crazy slow and erroriffic. Very frustrating! But, i had a nice weekend all the same, got to read a lot and see my honey :) 16 days to go :P Yele
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