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  1. Years! Years of my life stolen! Having to slave away under this tyrant. From Dragon*Con to JordanCon - the demands never cease! I practically begged to be sent to the Farm instead! But no - she prefers to surround herself with the suffering of others. :(
  2. 410. When, while getting a manicure the person states "oh, snake ring?", your instant response is "oh, it's my Aes Sed...well, yes. It's a snake ring" and quickly find something else to focus on...
  3. Yea, the schedule should be up soon for your perusal and pleasure. There will be dancing, trivia, looney theories, an Art Show, gaming, vendors hall, panels on WoT and non-Wot things, and a costume contest. There's quite a bit, and this list is just a sample.
  4. I've been a slacker, I need to get my room soon-ish!
  5. For International Women's Day, I'm going to shamelessly pull from the Los Angeles Time article, "International Women's Day: World celebrates; we get Google Doodle" which links to the UN Women website, as well as Oxfam International. I also found an opinion piece from the Independent interesting, "Laurie Penny: That's enough politeness – women need to rise up in anger". I've never considered myself a Feminist, and I tend to shy away from the extremes Laurie Penny uses in this piece - but I also found myself agreeing with quite a bit. While we struggle to get equality in countries that still practice FGM and have low literacy/education rates - do we want to give them the "equality" we have now, or the ideal of equality that many feel we haven't reached yet?
  6. Thanks, Raena, I knew I was forgetting something!
  7. Oh, this video made me cry at work. Amazingly powerful, and well done! I'm sharing it with my VDay warriors. <3
  8. Arez, we welcome any and all posts and theories - don't feel like you shouldn't have posted! I certainly feel the crunch of education - on one hand, you don't qualify for even basic entry jobs these days without a degree. But I know those with degrees who are stuck with traditionally non-educated jobs because of the market. (I have a friend with a law degree who worked at an electronics retail store and as a pizza delivery guy). The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if the standards keep getting lower sow that governments (nationally, internationally) can boast about improvements in struggling areas. -- I hate to depart from this discussion, so please feel free to continue it! But I wanted to introduce another not-so happy fact. Last month I was in a production of the Vagina Monologues, and it was actually the inspiration for this thread. In the performance there are two short pieces "Happy Fact" and "Not-so Happy Fact". Both were about the clitoris. below is the text from the Not-so Happy Fact. While this source is dated, UNICEF has several articles regarding the status of female genital mutilation, including the status in Sudan, Senegal, and other countries. As mentioned in the Senegal article, 10 United Nations agencies have set a goal to end the practice by 2015.
  9. I'd love to find that thread and link it here! A not-so happy fact: Here's a table.of world literacy rates taken from the CIA world fact book, and this link gives a bit more detail on the definitions used.
  10. Yea, it very much struck me as a nice resource that...likely might not get to those who need it most. But, with the UN, they're likely thinking top-down, so they'd focus on the people in government positions, and then try to trickle down from there. I do wonder how you could supplement a program like this to reach those who don't have computers and internet readily accessible. By their own reports, much of the problem lies in areas where technology isn't as advanced.
  11. The goal of this thread is to inform and start a dialogue about the happy and not so happy facts surrounding gender equality. Where applicable, I'll let you know the sources for facts, and I appreciate you do the same as you comment, leave commentary, or supply additional/refuting facts. let's try to keep it civil and respectful. Each topic will run for about 2-3 days, depending on how the discussion is going. If it's not, I'll move on, if it's hot n'heavy, I'll get it go for a bit longer! _______ First up, a fun fact! Did you know the United Nations has gender equality training online? Topics include a flash video on gender equality training, quizzes about gender and bringing awareness about violence against women, even articles on best practices for businesses on gender equality. What do you think about this sort of resource? Do you find that it's helpful, would be helpful if used, or only helpful to those who can access it or those who already understand the issues?
  12. Oh yea, add me to that list. Whee dinner!
  13. Excited to see "multiple" in that headline! Congrats!
  14. Congrats! New job = super rockin' awesome! Free time isn't too shabby either ;)
  15. *brings in a large basket of various fruits and a few knives to cut them up* I love chocolate - I love chocolate covered fruit even more! *selects a strawberry from the basket and applies the chocolate fountain goodness liberally before nomming*
  16. Guys, you need to keep in mind that TOR had little if nothing to do with what Dabel Bros + Red Eagle did or did not send out - expecting their product for free due to another company's error is a bit silly. :P That said, this is pretty exciting! I'm looking forward to getting a copy.
  17. Just adding in my voice for changing the way email notifications are sent out. I'd also prefer to get the emails with just the title of the thread that's triggered the notification - perhaps the name of the poster could be removed entirely or mentioned in the body of the email. Thanks!
  18. I agree on the font size, and a bit with the color scheme. I look forward to the ability to change the theme. I also thought it was just me or sinuses re:headache/migraine. >>
  19. well, he did mention one liners versus paragraph long RPs. "but entire paragraphs or more of all RP is way too much" not sure how he could get more specific!
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