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  1. Actually, it was Elayne who "brainwashed" Alivia to think that she shouldn't be collared. Her entire life(and probably a few centuries before her birth), EVERYONE in Seanchan believed that women who could channel should be damane. The Sul'dam didn't need to force her to accept the a'dam, she probably thought that was the right thing to do. That Elayne managed to change her mind so quickly, is to me a sign of how weak her will was. I'm not sure that she resisted his ta'veren power. Being ta'veren doesn't mean you can impose your will on others. It means you are used to impose the
  2. Then later there was some speculation on Twitter by Theoryland members and others, and he eventually confirmed that the easter egg had to do with Lews Therin sensing that nobody was around for miles: So... my theory: This relates to Rand's "newfound" abilities to "lock on" to Darkfriends and/or Trollocs, "see" into people's souls, and, as someone mentioned on Twitter, it also probably explains why Rand and also the Forsaken are able to Travel so closely to people (like into there homes or tents) without cutting them in two, while other more "primitive" channelers can't do that. I
  3. He has absolutely no link to wolves whatsoever. Only Perrin, Elyas and Noam has any links to wolves, do you belive the Broken Wolf refer to one of them? If so, how about the First Among Vermin, none of the characters are linked to vermin. Not yet. But Jain Farstrider was the only "celebrity" in Randland, if people learn that he were alive, news of his recent death might lower moral. But I admit that I find it very unlikely that his death will "shake the will of men". Unless the "men" in the prophecies refers to Mat and Thom of course. The Tower of Ghenhei is only a po
  4. The Broken Wolf=Jain Farstrider 1: Jain were Compelled by Ishamael(Death) a long time ago, he healed when entering a Stedding, where he told the Ogiers that Ba'alzamon planned to blind the Eye of the World. 2: His interaction with Ishamael left him broken, he took a new name, only admitting to be Jain at the time of his death. 3: He died in the Midnight Towers, which obviously are the three towers in the domain of the Aelfinn and Eelfinn. Any thoughts?
  5. "she knew about" emphasis. She's not the Dragon Reborn, she doesn't have the ability to see darkfriends, doesn't know who they all are, and it would be more than a little arrogant for her to assume that she knows them all. The guards and Kin were NOT a few feet away, they were unseen on the other side of a door. The whole point of a jailbreak or an assassination attempt is that there are NO clues, that your victim doesn't see them coming. A potential target doesn't have the ability to defend themselves by seeing "clues" to an assassination in progress, they do it by warding against th
  6. Why are you presenting at that as the only possible risk? Others include the execution of Chesmal, or far, far more likely... an assassination or kidnapping attempt on Elayne herself. She SHOULD have foreseen the possibility of that last bit, and if I need evidence in the face of blatant common sense (such as her being a ruler on the back end of a whole bunch of political gamesmanship), I'll point out the previous attempt on her life. Even if -all- of these were minor chances (and assassination attempts aren't) chance goes totally out of whack with the presence of a ta'veren. When a ta'veren i
  7. Uh no, the Broken Wolf would be Jain Farstrider... I agree. And that means that the title of the book refers to the three towers we see in Finnland....
  8. That, and starvation. Sammael found his Gholam in a Stasis box, perfectly preserved for more than 3000 years. No Aes Sedai has ever heard about Gholams, which means that the other 5 probably are dead. It has been stated several times that it feeds on fresh blood. The other Gholams may have lost axcess to people to feed on during the Breaking, when most of the population were destroyed, leaving large landmasses uninhabitated. Which means locking it in a box, and keep it locked up for a few days might do the trick.
  9. Genghis Khan. When he died his Empire stretched from China to East Europe. Unless I've forgotten somone, that makes it the biggest Empire in our history, EXCEPT the British Empire.
  10. IMO the Nine Moons were bound to Rand when Mat married Tuon. And if Rand did come to his sense at the top of Dragonmount, he should send Mat and Perrin to arrange a truce between Rand and Seanchan. After all, Mat may be one of the few people that will be allowed to speak with the Empress. Perrin will not ruin the deal because he got angry(as Rand did), and an extra Ta'veren doesn't hurt.
  11. Mat is the best choice. Thanks to his memories, he has more battle experience then the rest of your list combined. He has already proven that he can use thie knowledge to win battles(FoH, KoD). And he is the only one that has any experience fighting hundred of thousands of Trolloc. As Bashere mentioned in KoD, a large Trolloc raid in the Borderlands is 1000 Trolloc. During the Trolloc Wars battles with 300 000 on each side were not uncommon. Mat remember how they won those battles, which is why he should be in charge.
  12. RJ said that we would not see Seanchan again in the books. Elaida will be broken on this side of the ocean. ;D
  13. Moiraine probably knows that Rand will lose without her(according to Min), which means that Moiraine has to survive, and escape, or else the Dark One will win and destroy the Pattern. That is more than enough motivation to stay alive.
  14. So you suggest that when Mat(or Thom for that matter) bow politely to(insert name), they manage to do that without bending their knee?
  15. From Chapter 1:Tears from Steel This quote from Rand suggest that it's more than just a few days after Rand lost his hand, more likely a few weeks.
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