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  1. Why not go for Mata, or Zrim-Tim?
  2. Question: What kind of bear is best? ^^
  3. Haxorsist

    Theme Changing

    Yeah, the old one had that as well, but it wasn't as easy to see as it is now.
  4. Haxorsist

    Theme Changing

    I like how the icon next to the board has a light blue colour when somone has posted on the child board, but not on the main board. Means I don't have to check the child boards I don't wanna check and mark 'em read, like Fiddles. (No disrespect to Fiddles, but I can't keep up with you guys! ;D)
  5. Well, you are The Outsider. :P And the old ones are still the official forums, that's why the link still takes you there, but everyone's using these. :)
  6. Too bad she has no respect for herself. *shakes head* :P
  7. This gave me a good laugh. ;D I'm Staff, CoL leader, member of Seanchan and if you could get me back into the Seanchan Family (if it even exists >.>) that would be great! And Cads, can you give me the URL to my sig again, please? Thanks. Edit: I forgot, I'm a member of SG as well. :D
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