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  1. That was great, Kristen did a wonderful job. I am interested in seeing the full interview with Harriet and Brandon as well.
  2. Just a quick word in response to some of the posts above. Constructive criticism is appreciated and wanted, but please refrain from being cruel or rude. Find a respectful way to do it if you feel it needs to be done. I for one love Virgina's enthusiasm and wouldn't want her any other way. Virgina has done amazing work with the podcast, and I am so grateful she came along. She is insanely reliable and spends a lot of her free time doing podcast related work. If it wasn't for her these episodes wouldn't be up right now. None of us get paid for the time we spend on the podcast, and we are only fans of WoT like all of you. That said, we all do need to learn to try and give others a chance to talk or not talk over each other. I have cringed while listening to an episode where I noticing myself interrupting somebody and I had no idea while recording I had done it. We all get a little too excited with an idea or theory we have at times. It is something we will work on.
  3. Hunter, this one was done pre ToM. Lots of the older episodes that were up on DM before the site change need to be posted again. At least I remember listening to this one a few months ago, so I think it was posted before.
  4. Hello all, Everybody feels your pain. None of us want the release of new episodes to stretch out this long. It is a combination of the book release and the new Dragonmount website. No new episodes can be posted until the DM team is finished tweaking the site. The techs are working on the iTunes problem. The best way to get the episodes out so far is to go to the 4th Age forums and download them manually. Because of the holiday, most people have been busy with family as well, so that can also put a hold on things. With luck a slew of new episodes will be out shortly. @ Virtuhall, I had a lot of fun too. It was nice to chat with you! @ Kajimaa, the episodes we not pulled, there is a problem with them showing up on the feed (I think, I am pretty much technically inept, so I can't tell you why). The team is aware though after we received some emails and they are working on it. There is a lot of work to do to the site as well, so it takes time. You can either go to the forums to download the missing eps or go here: http://www.dragonmount.com/Podcast/episodes.php . I also think there will be more live shows in the future mixed in with the regular format. They can't all be live since then most fans would miss out on them. Not to mention, if you heard any of them, they really need to be edited. Nobody wants to listen to dead air and ummms, not to mention how off topic things tend to go at times. ;) Take care, Carrie
  5. For #1, I agree with what Senexx said. The world and characters are so vast and 3 dimensional, that I feel like I am really apart of the series. Rand, Mat, Perrin, Egwene, Nynaeve, Elayne, Moiraine, and even the Forsaken; they feel like real people and I have been able to see their lives play out. They feel like family and friends, and Randland feels like my second home. Another thing I love about WoT is the scope that R.J. went to in planting little hints and foreshadowing. One of my favourite things to do is theorize and try to figure out what is going to happen, who is who, etc... WoT is the very best series for this kind of thing. The theories and predictions are pretty much unending. In regards to #2, I try all kinds of things. For one thing I talk about WoT ALL THE TIME. Seriously, I don't care if they know what I am talking about or not, but I make sure everybody knows it is the best series out there (IMO). I am on Goodreads.com every day and most people in groups I am in know how much I love the series. I have actually just got a couple people right now on GR to start tEotW, and I have a couple others interested and saying they will. I also know one person that stopped at PoD and I convinced her to finish. So some of my crazy obsessiveness is paying off on GoodReads. I also bribe people to read it, lol. My best friend and I read mostly the same books. We used to go to the Potter and Twilight midnight releases and we would read the books together. We still read books together all the time, but for some reason she is intimidated by the size and scope of WoT. There is a series she really wants me to read, it is a trilogy. I told her I would read it if she reads the first two WoT books. That seems an even trade for me. It drives me nuts that she doesn't read it since we love swapping and discussing theories together. Thankfully, I had no trouble getting my husband to read the series. He has been reading it for about 12 years, only a couple years behind myself. While he loves the series and says it's his favourite, he isn't crazy obsessed like I am. He hasn't even read TGS or ToM. He says if he doesn't read them, the series won't end. He teases me by saying he will never read the last book. Arggggg, it drives me crazy!
  6. I loved seeing their names! It was truly awesome to see familiar names.
  7. This could have been mentioned as I haven't read the whole thread, but the Aiel male channelers go to the Blight. ***SPOILER for the epilogue*** I believe those are who the merchant in the epilogue saw. I belive the DO had 13 darkfriends turn these Aiel. Imagine how many there would be by now? Related to this, I also believe all the men in the Black Tower that are coming back different had the same thing done to them. The DO's forces will be even stronger than I imagined. How scary is that.
  8. I really hope it's Mat/Tuon. I first thought it was possibly Min dying after Graendal attacks her, but maybe it does have something to do with Olver.
  9. 1. Moiraine, Moiraine, Moiraine! I just can't wait to see her, whether it's her POV or not. 2. Besides Moiraine, I have been looking forward to Tarmon Gai'don - The Last Battle. I get serious shivers just thinking about it. It will be epic. 3. I am also excited to see all the reunions. And I mean all the reunions, from Rand and Moiraine to Galad and Rand.
  10. For those not in the US try kobobooks.com . I'm not sure if they work everywhere, but it is a little cheaper there as well.
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