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  1. Why should they? You wouldn't spend all that time and energy doing shaving areas that no one (except your husband) is supposed to see! Even considering the husband/occasional lover they wouldn't have any expectations about a hairless body as they'd had most probably never seen a woman legs in an public situation to begin with, so no pressure there. How could they? A side from the mere cultural aspects the technical hurdles are quite large as well. I can't possible phantom how to shave the inward curve of an armpit with a straight razor! (legs should be fine).
  2. The Dark Tower series by Stephen King is great, also I have to chime in on the Malazan praise...
  3. It's important the separate the apparent or given cause of an action from the real underlying reason. Most of the forsaken would probably have turned against the light for one reason or another regardless of the influence of one person. They all seem to be deeply screwed up people and what they do they do for reasons quite unfathomable for a normal person, I'd say. The reason they use to justify their actions is something else entirely. Compare with the situation in Europe during the early 20th century, the continent was ripe for war and any small spark could have set of the fire. That the shots of Sarajevo came to be the casus belli was pure chance.
  4. But what's up with the LTT opening picture, the colored one? I've always pictured the age of legends as advanced, more of Scifi than fantasy but here it's pictured as standard fantasy fare. The architecture and clothing looks .... medieval. ::) Why would anyone wear a bear pelt for a cloak when there's the technology the create far more advanced and comfortable (lighter) stuff?
  5. As near as I can determine, yes. And how exactly did you come to this conclusion? I find Europe, in dimensions, larger than the Westlands. How so? Well by using the trip Rand and Mat took from Whitebridge to Caemlyn in The Eye of the World for scale. The walk took 16 days(http://www.users.bigpond.com/steven_cooper/tl0998.htm#book1, the WOT Timeline). At maximum they could have walked 50 km/ day --> 5 km/h, 10 h/day. (Probably much less as Mat was sick and they had to stay to work for food but lets make it 50) The total distance between Whitebridge and Caemlyn would then be 800 km. On my WOT map this translates to 4 cm, the whole width of the westlands from Falme to the Spine of the World to 30 cm and the higth from Moutains of Doom to Illian to 25 cm. Using the Whitebridge-Caemlyn-16-day-walk scale this translates to a east-west span of 4400 km and a north-south span of 3200 km. So, how does this compare to Europe, well the distance from the west coast of Irland to the Ural mountains is aboute 4800 km and the distance from northern Norway to the south of mainland Greece aboute 3800 km. Europe is slightly larger dimension-wise than Westland, although Europe is interspersed with water which makes the land area of the Westland bigger.
  6. Assuming the variance to be 50 I'd say it look the part, yes.
  7. Lol :P, Luckers..... The thing is, you are flat out wrong in this. Variance gives the spread of the bell curve and relates to the high to width ratio. Thus a curve with zero variance would have all of its points at the center (in its mean) producing a line of zero area. A curve with a large variance has points far from the mean and produces a flat curve with a low slope. If the distant points consist a small part of the population (the set of all points) you might be able to disregard them and getting a nicer, less noisy, curve with a lesser variance. If, on the other hand, the distant points are a large part of the population you probably don't have a normal distribution. In any case: The variance is vital when drawing a Gaussian curve. @Ndshacker What you put forward is true of a binomial distribution approximated to a normal ( the mean value theorem) and thus the variance will be decided by σ = np(1 − p), where n is the number of trials in the set and p the probability in each trial. Now, we don't know these parameters but I think it's safe to assume that when Jordan was talking about a normal distribution he meant the standard normal distribution where the variance is equal to 1 and the mean to zero. This combined with the information of the cutoff limit, the percentage of female channelers being above this in strength and the baseline width of the distribution makes it possible to calculate the (probable) number of Aes Sedai at a certain strength on the basis of the total number of Aes Sedai. To express this as that the curve doesn't have a variance is of course ridiculous and very oversimplified.
  8. True, the parallels are getting a bit basic..... To Mr Ares: The Dark Tower, just saying ;)
  9. What's wrong with having Channelers as the only playable characters? That way you do get a balanced game! Plenty of room for diverse gaming styles just using the different sorts of channelers we know, Aes Sedai, Ashaman, Wise Ones, Windfinders, Sul dam + Damane (sp?). True, a little lacking in male characters but with different talents and looks for every unique character that shouldn't be a problem and also, in the classical rpg's all characters except the odd sorceress or rouge are male....
  10. Here anyone interested can find all the swedish book covers http://www.fantasybok.se/-c-34_85_112_113.html Looking at them they do seem rather garish, although the same might be said about the American. The style seems to have changed somewhere halfway through, understandable with the sheer number of them (Every English book split into at least two Swedish....)
  11. "Sagan om Drakens återkomst" might translate to: The saga (tale) of the return of the dragon.
  12. There's got to be a reason for the sword being the fourth most weapon in all metallurgic pre gunpowder societies in history. Based on the high cost of good steel and the skill needed to craft a high quality sword no way it would be used if a stick with a sharpened end would be as good.
  13. ^Yeah, I would give a lot to be at Wembley 86, that record is fantastic! And only a year after I was born, that's the problem with listening to older music: you never get a chance to see the artists at their prime :( Nope, what mistake? I'm not that good at picking up lyrics so I might easily have missed something text wise.... And yeah, those dramatic songs really do fit the temperament of the books
  14. When reading KoD I combined it with another new found joy: Queen, the combination stuck.... It's happened with other books/bands to, George R. R. Martin and Cheap Trick ;D
  15. ^ Not so... I think that when interacting with a member of from another group the status of that person within her group will decide which level of respect will be granted. Of course the status of the groups will also be a deciding factor but not the forth most. This is especially clear when the strength of the groups are near equal. To put it this way: a leader from a small country and a leader from a great will both be treated with an (almost) equal level of respect when on a state visit. The defence minister from the great country will get less honour than the small country’s prime minister even though having more influence on the matter at hand. Thus the inter person ranks in inter group meetings will be based on the in group rankings of the persons involved. This is interesting as it do provide an explanation to the talking about another’s strength taboo: If, for reason of distrust, the pre tower ajahs were unwilling to expose their internal ranking system when negotiating and instead setting up puppet rulers then how to know which level of respect would be appropriate in a two person meeting? The face rank could be used but only at the risk of antagonizing someone whose actual rank might be higher than your own, antagonizing a person who someday might rank above you. The solution would be to guess the rank of the person in question, by the behaviour of other persons in the persons group when interacting with her and by the strength of that person! Once set in place such a system would be quite hard to shift. To reveal that one knew that the other person has a true rank at odds with her apparent rank would make that person lose face. Not good in sensitive negotiations and the taboo would in time follow. Easier just to nod and smile and try to reach the ones with real power in other ways. Later when the membership of a certain ajah grew to be less important than being a member of the Aes sedai as such the whole system for inter person ranks might easily get carried over to the new organization.
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