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  1. I went out to a yard sale, and I saw a book series for sell for $2. I bought it, only to find out that it was books 2-9 of the series. That series was of course the Wheel of Time. I then went to Books-a-Million, purchased the first book, and have been hooked ever since.
  2. It's not the link to saidin that was infected or broken tho, it was saidin itself. Though I do see your opinion. Either way though, we haven't seen the People do either of those things so who's to say they don't see them as violent as well?
  3. Some might consider Gentling as violence due to the fact that it's cutting away a part of the person Just as they would consider beheading someone as a violent act then they might consider severing their tie to the True Source as violent as well, I do like the thought of gentled ones going to join the people though, it does seem a fitting place Either there or a stedding.
  4. I was thinking that they might run away to protect the People, But some of them would have to have the desire to stay, What if one were to try and stay when the people tried to send him to the Reds? Could they exile him as they would one who abandons the Way? If so on what grounds? He hasn't commited violence..yet
  5. Also, I mistakenly placed this in the Structured forum and I don't know how to remove it I apologize, and if someone could help me that would be great.
  6. I'm not sure if maybe I just missed it, but do they ever discuss what one of the Traveling People would do if they discovered a male channeler in their numbers? Would some view gentling as a form of violence? You would consider severing your arm as violence, so why not the connection to the True Source? So what would they do?
  7. Why thank you I must have forgotten those references.
  8. So I got to wondering while reading a chapter about the Seanchan, The Seanchan have captured many marath'damane (Randland Aes Sedai) And with the exception of the occassional Accepted or Novice All of these women have taken the Three Oaths, Oaths so strong as To cause someone to literally choke on a lie. So how is it that the Seanchan can use the a'dam to force them To use the Power as a weapon? Could the Aes Sedai turned damane then lie while leashed? I guess my question is: Are leashed Aes Sedai still held by the Three Oaths while leashed?
  9. They do! They had 2 starter decks and 3 expansion sets, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wheel_of_Time_Collectible_Card_Game This should tell all lol They have been out of print for a few years now, so coming by them is hard short of ebay, but perhaps someone here collects them too?
  10. This is a thought I had. The Creator and the Dark One are both actual beings, one opposite the other. The Forsaken (Specifically Nae'blis) are the champions for the Dark One, and in return blessed by the Dark One with the True Power (the essence of the Dark One himself). Now The Dragon (Rand) is supposed to be the champion of the Light and the Creator. So who is to say that the creator hasn't blessed His champion in a similar way that the Dark One did? Who is to say that the new found power that Rand has in Maradon isn't the Creator's version of the True power? It blinded (and drove mad) Darkfriends through walls. And the web of light in Rand's mind could be some Creator's blessing as well.
  11. I think that the since the evil of Shadar Logoth was "the evil they thought to use against the Shadow" That Fain will be key in the last battle, and froms Fains POV we already see him musing about killing the DO. Not to say that Fain will be the one to kill the DO of course, the Prophesies all point to Rand, but I think Fain will be the key.
  12. Thank you for such a warm welcome. I feel inclined to ask tho. What did you mean by "oh another one"?
  13. I don't recall Rand mentioning the eyes either, but they only started happening after Rand entered TAR in the flesh in tDR, and the only time I can remember after that of Rand entering the unseen world is when he fights one of the Forsaken there in the flesh. Could it be that prolonged exposure to Mat and the Shadar Logoth dagger somehow spread a remnant of the taint on to Rand? The Aes Sedai seem to think that proximity is enough to spread it. So if Rand were to have been tainted, even slightly by the dagger, and entered TAR in the flesh as he did, wouldn't it stand to reason that some of that taint could have spread to the unseen world? At first the only mention of the unseen eyes are in the Heart of The Stone in TAR, exactly the location where Rand entered the unseen world in the flesh and fought Ishamael. Only later did it spread, and that could perhaps be from Rand entering TAR in the flesh again somewhere else. It's all idle speculation of course, but I feel the similarities TOO similar to overlook.
  14. I read New Spring somwhere around reading Lord Of Chaos
  15. I was just curious I haven't seen this thought anywhere, maybe I just missed it. But has anyone thought how the unseen eyes in TAR are alot like the unseen eyes in Shadar Logoth? Could it be possible that some how Mashadar got introduced into TAR?
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