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  1. 3 hours ago, Princess Morpheus said:

    Cultural diversity is more than likely. 

    And that would be fine if this series was set in the time of the ten nations.  It's not.  2000 years has passed since that era and the Two Rivers area is repeatedly described as one of the most backwater areas in world.  So isolated that they don't even know that they're technically Andoran.  Isolation, and a small population, is going to make for a VERY homogeneous population in just a few generations. 


    Racial diversity most certainly will have a place in this show.  MUST have a place in this show.  The Two Rivers is the absolute wrong place for it.  Caemlyn, yes.  Tar Valon, absolutely.  Emond's Field, not a chance. 


    All they'd need to do to fix it is recast Mat as someone with darker eyes and complexion, and done.  Homogeneous Two Rivers folk.

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