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  1. The DO already Won in one universe. And yet.. the entire pattern hasn't ceased to exist... Odd hmm? (remember that way-stone portal rand & hurin went through, and they were in the land that lost to the DO? Thats one existance where the DO won in the past.) i've seen so many people get this one wrong and its just annoying. in that world, the trollocs won the trolloc war. it was subsequently depopulated as all the humans were eaten, and the trollocs proceeded to kill each other off. there was no "world" where the dark one already one
  2. agreed. moiraine was noted as being in the same strength class as suaine prior to her being stilled. cyndane is probably still in the top three as far as living female channelers, so there is really no comparison.
  3. and everybody thought verin was going back to the tower to get the horn for mat...bummer
  4. i saw one mention of kate elliot, crown of stars. its pretty good, gets a little crazy in the middle, but she pulls it back together by the end. the wayfarer redemption by sara douglass is pretty good. books 4,5, and 6 brought the series into the sci-fi realm as opposed to starting as a fantasy series. if you're looking for less disney stuff than eddings (which i happen to sort of agree with) i found the kushiel series by jaqueline carry refreshing. its adult, its a bit dark, there is a lot stronger of a romance theme than i'm used to, but didn't mind, and instead of "magic" in a traditional sense, this is based more on religion. like i said, it was refreshing. and unlike myself, and robert jordan, not so bad on the run-on sentences. ;D r. a. salvatore has a bunch of good stuff. currently reading aSoIaF, because i couldn't get through crossroads of twilight on my pre-tgs reread. in book three. its as amazing as everybody else has said. the first couple goodkind books weren't so terrible...but character development halted after book three, and wash rinse repeat for what is it 8 or 10 more books now?
  5. i threw this out in the spoiler board, but nobody bit on it. i didn't finish my reread, i couldn't suffer through CoT for the third time. anywho, i thought i read a moridin pov (or some other forsaken) where they were thinking/talking about devising the seanchan prophecies, even going so far as taking credit for starting the consolidation. from a tuon pov, we get the mentality that rand is supposed to bow to the crystal throne. if the prophecies that they believe are a farse, that makes the seanchan an unknowing tool of the shadow. point is, i believe this pov i'm speaking of was from CoT of KoD, but haven't read either of them since 2005. can somebody confirm or disabuse me of this notion?
  6. but what i'm waiting more than anything is rand using another type of tp;the one coming from the creator(what everyone call "the light"). dark one tp=pure evil-spirital power,one power=neutral-physical power(used by good guy as much than evil one)and creator'tp-spiritual power- for rand(with maybe callandor as new kind of sa'angral thus"sword of light")and probably mat and perrin("the three becoming one")with ashandarai and hammer. i know this no a new theory,just wanted to see if other think like me:if as of aol lost,it's because they put all their hope in one power(CK)no the creator pure power,the shayol gul wasbmade with the light and can be whole again only with the same power(like rand wound can't be healed with one power). from my understanding the true source (saidar/saidin) was the polar opposite to the true power. it turns the wheel while the dark opposes it. i don't think we'll see any manifestion of the "light" as another source of power
  7. all this arguing over bowing, and i didn't get any hits on my post about ishy devising the seanchan prophecies. i figured somebody would have confirmed it or shot it to shreds in the five pages that have elapsed since last night. throw me a bone here ;)
  8. forgot my password and didn't get a new one for a few years. but within the last two books, i seem to recall a moridin pov where he claims ownership of the seanchan prophecy. the only real tie-in here is the whole speculation on rand bending knee to tuon. we see that part of the prophecy in her pov, and i'm pretty sure its all a farse, so him not bowing to her shouldn't have any effect on the last battle. all the while her expecting it is the having just the adverse effects that were intended. sorry i can't provide quotes, couldn't get through CoT again on my most recent reread. :o
  9. Red, a few issues with your post...the dark one has never talked to rand directly. that was ishmael/moridin. that was revealed in either tgh or tdr. and in the prologue for eye of the world, elan morin is ishmael, the betrayer of hope. we get his name filtered from ltt in one of rand's pov's later on.
  10. if i'm reading the original post correctly, dashiva's question had nothing to do with traveling while in TAR. rand says the gateway into TAR is slightly different than traveling, i think he actually derived traveling from jumping to TAR in the flesh. so i think the question was, since its' literally a gateway, could you make the gateway to anywhere, and alter it for entering/exiting TAR?
  11. I'm 26, and a little bit married. currently trying to get custody of my nine month old daughter. I live in a town in upstate new york, population about 50k. grew up poor, struggled with reading until i was about 11, but i haven't stopped since. started reading wot as a sophomore, right before path of daggers. i've reread it for every new release since. I traveled the world wrestling for various club teams in high school, then did a little more traveling with the us marines for 7 years. five years of college, a lifetime of debt, no degrees, my gi bill went straight to my bar tab, then i got to go play war. luckily it was pretty boring in al asad. noticed everybody else threw in some religious stuff, and likes and dislikes. so i'm kind of a science guy myself, not much room for god when you start feeding the worms. i'm not particularly against anybody, with a few exceptions. the suffix "ist" doesn't sit well with me. i've noticed that many _____ists tend to be narrowminded to the point of ignorance, uncompromising, and generally annoying. but thats the full spectrum, racists, terrorists, feminists....but that's targeting an attitude, not a race, gender or religion, so maybe i'm ok? if we haven't noticed, i'm a bit of a cynic, so i prefer to ditch the real world as often as possible, ie. reading fantasy. love the series, love the forums, haven't had internet in a while, but maybe i'll see some of you guys around.
  12. bashere for me seems more like Alexander siddig http://imdb.com/name/nm0796502/ That may be because he played Dr. Bashir on DS9. The similar names could cause an association that would not otherwise have been there. actually, i've never seen or even heard of that. i've just always pictured the saldeans as arabic, or persian. and that dude has played a pretty good general before, i just liked it.
  13. i'm probably way off on this one, but i've always pictured the saldeans as more middle eastern than asian. the samurai cultures seem to be on the northeastern part of the blightborder, like shienar, and even the names sound a little japanese. but the saldean names seem a little more ....musical...i guess, a little less phonetic, like the japanese language. bashere for me seems more like Alexander siddig http://imdb.com/name/nm0796502/
  14. i believe all the usuals apply both ways. rand was the exception to the rule. he couldn't be compelled because he was so darn stubborn. Logain makes it work, Merise makes it work, so it probably works in most cases.
  15. that makes sense. he does do a lot of second guessing his life's decisions.
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