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  1. Well, we're not very cultured here in the US. ;D
  2. I've been listening to a lot of Frank Zappa, from the album Waka/Jawaka.
  3. What ever site <i>was</i> that? I'm new to WoT fandom. I'm on my 2nd read of the series, and I'm just now exploring this site.. oh, and thanks guys for the positive feedback.
  4. Hey, you're certainly entitled to your opinion. I can relate to your point of view, however, because for the longest time anime just didn't appeal to me, however much my friends tried to turn my head. I just wasn't interested in sitting through some in order to find out if I liked it or not. I'd seen a few things, and that was plenty as far as I was concerned. Then one day I just happened to have the grudgingly open enough mindset to ingest yet another of my friend's attempts and I was hooked. It's the same with music for me. I don't like to be turned on to things, frankly. I like to have my own reason for enjoying something. At any rate, I've found anime to be a very expressive medium that seems to be unfettered in many respects compared to american stuff in general. I'm not hating on america, I've just found a fondness for japanese culture, especially anime. The range of emotion, the care given to fleshing out characters and the depth of storytelling blows away anything else I can think of, save really well-written fiction by say...Robert Jordan, Frank Herbert, Stephen King or William Gibson. Another thing: oftentimes in anime you'll have voice-over of the character's internal thoughts. I think that would work really well with RJs writing. Granted, it would be a massive undertaking and I really don't ever expect it to happen, but I will continue to dream of The Eye of The World made into roughly 26 episodes of goodness! Just my 2 cents. I was hoping for a little shared nerd love here. I certainly didn't intend to start a flame war over it. Sorry if i offended anybody.
  5. Wow, I didn't expect that kind of response. As somebody pointed out earlier in this thread, there are some amazing anime out there in terms of quality. You just have to look for it. In Japan, anime is a very evolved art form. Where we had Hollywood, they had animation. The reasons I think WoT would fit nicely into the medium are 1) the WoT books have sold well in Japan and there is a japanese fanbase and 2)the serial format of most anime series is such that the story could be fully fleshed out over several seasons, avoiding the massive plot edits that are common in even a three-hour film or "cartoon". You guys are seriously missing out if you think of anime as stupid cartoons. Most are free for download because they haven't been licensed for sale in the US. That also means that they aren't dubbed in english, but there are lots of fans who provide subtitles just because they can and they love it. These 'fansubbers' often have their own Bit Torrent tracker set up to distribute their work. In my humble opinion, they're better in Japanese anyway. The english dubs are usually bad, and sometimes even give characters a completely different feel. Check out www.anidb.info It's a huge database of anime titles new and old. There are many genres available, and lots of cross-genre stuff. Even some fantasy, though not much frankly. There are links to fansubbers from that site as well. I hope this opens a few eyes. Animation is not only for children.
  6. Does anybody else agree that an anime series would be an amazing format to present the WoT series? Has such a thing ever been discussed before? I'm new around here, so forgive me if this has been covered elsewhere. siterock
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