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  1. Most of all I would like to see Lan and Byrgitte survive! Those two are almost destined to die. That's why I think they deserve the most to live, to be happy and to be finished with this feeling that they are supposed to die.
  2. Even though I would like to say Lan, it would actually be Gaul. The way he acts, the things he doesn't understand about girls and just they way he is always remind me of myself.
  3. I've only read the whole series once in English, but in my native language- Bulgarian, I've read it 3 times, some of the books even more. I've also read the 7th in German as well. Love the way its all written and described..
  4. God bless him, my uncle gave the Prologue as a gift to my brother. I just needed to take the bus and bring it back home to him. While traveling I read the 1st two chapters - Lan and then the White tower. HOOKED! Started reading and waiting and loving ever since. That was 1999 I think.
  5. Obviously - Al'Lan Mandragoran! I started reading Wot so many years ago because of the fist chapter with him in New Spring. Closing the book I was in love with him. Been a fan ever since. He's every little boys example of what a real man should be like,(. Jordan described the character thus: "Lan is simply the man I always wished I could be.") he also shows that he's human tho! The perfect tutor for Rand, adds a lot to the series! Thai shar Malkier!!
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