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    Yes he had. Rand had his epiphany at the end of TGS. Egwene notes the tea tasting fantastic before Nakomi makes an appearance (ref pt.1 above). Apples First is the first chapter of TOM (ref pt.2 above). The timeline fits.
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    Quote: "I am pretty sure that Aviendha can sense where Rand is using the Warder bond" Never said she couldn't, but note the phrase where Aviendha is trying to puzzle Nakomi out where she thinks to herself, "She did not wear the clothing of a Wise One, but there was something about her ..." (p.605). The "something about her" feeling that Aviendha has could well be her sensing the Bond but not realising it because she's so confused about who Nakomi could be. She certainly wouldn't expect Rand to be there. Quote: "I am also sure that Rand wouldn't try to pass as an Aiel, he doesn't know nearly enough to pass as a perfect Aiel." Really? The whole journey back through the history of the Aiel in Rhiudean, the fact that he was in the Waste for months with the Aiel, learning about them and their ways, the fact that he's spent an extraordinary amount of time with the Clan Chiefs and the Wise Ones, and the fact that he is in fact Aiel himself says to me that he'd have a pretty good idea how to pass himself off as one - male or female. Quote: "Rand would also have made up a clan he was part of" Why? What's your reasoning for this statement? That's an assumption. Rand is Aiel, but he's of no clan - he's the Car'a'carn. The other main supports for my contention that Nakomi could be Rand are: 1. the fact that Aviendha thinks to herself how good the food tastes - the same reaction Egwene has to drinking her tea after Rand goes to the White Tower; and 2. the smiling, cryptic final reference from Nakomi that she has to "go and take care of nature" - this is exactly what Rand's been doing, ref: TOM, chapter 1, Apples First I'd love to hear people's arguments as to why it couldn't be Rand rather than simply dismissing it out of hand. The only thing this theory doesn't explain is how Nakomi's pack and plate disappear, but so far I haven't read a single theory that does explain this. To me, the Rand theory is just as, if not more plausible, than the Verin/Forsaken/future Aviendha (which I think is the most ridiculous) theories I've read so far.
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    Even more reason it could be Rand: Aviendha wouldn't sense him channeling to Travel to or from the area, so no need for a Portal Stone.
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    Notes on Nakomi from Towers of Midnight, chapter 37, “In the Three-fold Land”: Appearance “…wearing Aiel garb. Not cadin’sor or the garb of a Wise One” dark skirt tan blouse and shawl kerchief graying hair middle aged carries no weapons furrowed skin Aviendha could not sense an ability to channel Aviendha notes that it’s unusual for Nakomi to be travelling without friends or family Aviendha notes that while she doesn’t wear the clothing of a Wise One, there is something about her… Appearance sounds vaguely Verin-like, but if it is, she must have learned how to mask her ability to channel. Inability to sense the ability to channel could also mean this is a male channeler in disguise. Mannerisms clicks tongue when Aviendha responds that the Wetlands are dangerous because they make the Aiel weak, Nakomi frowns Speech addresses Aviendha as “child” (p.604) – very Aes Sedai-like calls Rand “the one named the Car’a’carn” (p.604), then says she never stated that he was not the Car’a’carn – very Aes Sedai-like asks what Aviendha thinks of Rand and whether or not she has spent time with him asks if the wetlands are “…as glorious as so many say” – interesting Aes Sedai-like way to phrase a question so that it sounds like you’re making the statements when in fact you’re not Other references: Camped “…at the side of a tremendous stone” which “…towered over her” – if this is a Portal Stone, it could indicate why Aviendha didn’t hear Nakomi’s approach, and there’s no indication that using a Portal Stone triggers a channeler’s ability to sense the use of the Power, particularly as Portal Stones can be used by non-channelers Aviendha realises the old Aviendha is gone and embraces her being as a Wise One which “…brought her honour back” thinks that as a Wise One, she now has a purpose, and can “…help lead her people through their most trying time” and that, “once this was through, her people would need to return to the Three-fold Land” and that the Aiel had grown soft in the wet lands and that they would have to be abandoned soon smiles, settles back and closes her eyes … she hears a sound and jumps up, embracing the Source **Q: did she inadvertently enter T’A’R? As a Dreamer, she should know whether she did or not … is she a Dreamer?** a woman (Nakomi) “…wearing Aiel garb. Not cadin’sor or the garb of a Wise One” stands nearby Aviendha had not heard her approach Nakomi addresses Aviendha as a Wise One and asks to share water Nakomi puts a kettle on toil boil then gets out tea leaves and herbs the fire has grown very warm and there seems to be more coals Nakomi notes that Aviendha seems troubled and, without asking what the trouble is, Aviendha opens up to her Nakomi then mentions the Last Battle without prompting, and again references “…the thing the wetlanders speak of” – **Q: how would she know what the wetlanders speak of?** Nakomi points out that the Aiel had to come from the wetlands, to the Three-fold Land, to be forged into something stronger to prepare for the trials they would face in the wetlands Nakomi also points out that the Aiel have toh for breaking the ancient vows the original Aiel made … this leads Aviendha to the realisation that such great toh can be met by serving Rand and by fighting at the Last Battle Nakomi then questions the need to return to the Three-fold Land after the Last Battle, pointing out that to do so would be seeking further punishment after the Aiel’s toh had been met – this confuses Aviendha, confronting her beliefs that the Aiel belong in the Three-fold Land Nakomi then asks why the Aiel should continue their way of life, instead of changing, after the Last Battle – “Why continue the old ways? How do we find honor in raiding, in killing one another, if we are no longer preparing for such an important task? Why grow harder? For the sake of being hard itself?” Nakomi then serves the food – it tastes wonderful: “Better than many a feast she’d had in fine palaces back in the wetlands.” Nakomi then excuses herself saying that she, “…needs to see to nature”, smiles then shuffles into the darkness – this is the last Aviendha sees of her **Q: Could the reference “need to see to nature” plus the fact that the food tastes so good be a clue?** Aviendha ponders what the purpose of the Aiel is now, finishes her meal, then continues to think for a long time before she notices that Nakomi hasn’t returned Theories Nakomi could be Verin in disguise, masking her ability to channel and using a mask of mirrors disguise. If the stone is a Portal Stone, Verin would have knowledge how to use it after accompanying Rand on previous trips. The use of the Portal Stone would not necessarily require the use of the Power, and would explain how Aviendha failed to notice Nakomi’s approach. Nakomi could be Rand in disguise. Rand knows how to use Portal Stones, which would explain the stealthy approach, and women can’t sense male channelers in the same way that men can sense women with the goosebumps. If Nakomi is Rand in disguise (MoM – noting that with Rand’s appearance as an Aiel anyway, he would only need to change his appearance to that of a woman, and he knows Aviendha is on her way to Rhuidean to take her tests as a Wise One), he wouldn’t need to mask his ability to channel as Aviendha wouldn’t naturally be able to sense it anyway. Lastly, the notes in the chapter about the food tasting better than ever, and Nakomi’s final cryptic statement about needing to see to nature, could be clues pointing to Rand. My theory: Nakomi is Rand.
  5. I like these podcasts, 'cos they can be quite informative and get the wheels turning in my head, and I get that you all do it for free and am very appreciative of that, but seriously, Virginia, quit the incessant inane giggling and talking over people, and let others get a word in edgeways sometimes.
  6. 1. Demandred's location will be revealed as Tanchico/Tarabon and he'll have been the one controlling "events to the South" as quoted by Samael when speaking to Graendal in Lord of Chaos, Chapter 6, "Threads Woven of Shadow", page 183: He (Sammael) cut in sharply, "You deliver a message to Demandred from me. Tell him I know what he is up to." Events to the south had Demandred's mark all over them. Demandred had always liked using proxies. 2. Verin will be revealed (through her own letters to Mat) as being related to Mat in some way. I'm thinking she's his great great great great aunt (or add more "greats" as needed) and that her father was one of the original Band of the Red Hand who fought with Aemon at the battle where the armies of Manetheren fought the Trollocs at the site now known as Emond's Field. Verin's brother or sister will be revealed as having been Mat's great great great great Grandmother/father. 3. Taim will be revealed as a Dreadlord and will have a confrontation with Logain, resulting in Taim's death and Logain taking over the title of M'Hael. Min has a viewing of Logain as follows: "a flaring halo around his head, radiant in gold and blue. It shouted of glory and power to come." - taken from http://www.encyclopaedia-wot.org/ ... In Lord of Chaos, Chapter 28 "Letters", Page 581, there is a passage describing how Mazrim Taim looks just after he Travels into Rand's apartments in Caemlyn and kills the Gray Man. It says: "Taim strolled in, completely at ease, wearing a black coat with dragons entwined around the sleeves in blue-and-gold." Given that Taim wears that coat, instead of a Dragon pin, as a symbol that he is the M'Hael, and given that Logain and Taim clearly dislike each other, my contention is that Logain will become M'Hael and inherit the coat when he kills Taim, thus the blue and gold. 4. Graendal is revealed as the person who killed Asmodean with balefire. 5. Moiraine and Alivia form a circle with Rand to wield Calandor successfully and thereby both winning the Last Battle and killing Rand/Lews Therin in the process, thereby fulfilling the prophecy of his blood on the rocks of Shayol Ghul and Alivia helping him to die and also fulfilling the "three become one" prophecy (Rand, Alivia and Moiraine).
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