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  1. Any time Mat talks, thinks, or leads an army.
  2. Illian, Rand is the king and he hardly even had to fight for the country. They gave their loyalty to him for being a good man. :D
  3. Most odd thing would probably be? Secret society of ninja warriors.
  4. Thanks for all the ideas guys. I guess i really didnt explain myself very well though as to why i believe trollocs will come crashing through the waste. I know the DO will have dreadlords that can channel at the last battle and who knows what else. 1. Trollocs are fanaticly evil beings that don't require any reason to kill. They hate the aiel they have been a thorn in their sides for thousands of years. 2. There are still hundreds of thousands if not millions of aiel living in the waste. Pretty much everybody minus the spears. This is much larger than the remnant of remnant that is suppose to be saved. I'm not trying to be morbid but this seems the perfect place for a terrible, evil, diabolic event to take place in the books. 3. It makes the perfect sense. Well if you have a army of millions of trollocs who can not travel and have to use the conventional means of land and sea. Remeber people this is the LAST BATTLE not some little skirmish at Tarwin's Gap. The light only has a very slight chance of winning this. Remeber the DO has been preparing this for the last three thousand years; making his forces larger and stronger. Humans have been diminishing in numbers since the trolloc wars. (Hence all the seens of abandoned lands and lost cities in the books.) The commander of the trollocs in not going to let the majority of his force sit by and watch while a small portion of it fights at tarwin's gap. He's going to send the trollocs into the randland from every direction making the people fight many battles instead of one all united together. This means that the channlers in randland will have to be spread thin to deal with all these attacks leaving rand with even less support at the main event. sorry, i have to go maybe i can finish later. thanks for reading :D
  5. 1) With the waste already depleted of most its spears, i think its likely that the trolloc hordes will come crashing through the waste instead of Tarwin's Gap. Makes for a pretty suprise bringing an army out of where you would least expect it. 2) Does Malkier (Spelling?) stand or fall after the last battle? Will the nation be rebuilt or the people finally destroyed beyond saving?
  6. Hey, Rand weaves the pattern around making strange things happen this kind of thing should be perfectly normal by now. :)
  7. Maybe Tuon gets wasted in the last battle in some dramtic way and Mat has to choose between her and saving the world. I mean she kinda is his light in rand land and she does own half of it. :D
  8. "he who was dead yet lives". Isn't LTT still alive in rands head? That is what the foretelling could mean.
  9. cwestervelt Posted: Fri Jan 26, 2007 4:02 pm Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm saying no. From the start Rand has been presented as the sacrificial hero. Failing to sacrifice him at the end would just be wrong. Bingo!! Right on the mark.
  10. Any clue to just how far along RJ is on the next book? I need some new stuff, it just breaks my heart every time i read my old books and another page falls loose. Its like watching some old friend slowly die. :shock:
  11. Sweet 666

    A Riddle

    There are 2 men walking in the desert, but neither knows each other. One of them is dying of thirst and the other has a full jug of water. The man with the jug offers the man a drink, but only if he follows three simple rules. Rule 1 : He cannot have the jug, because it is his only one. Rule 2 : He cannot remove the cork from the spout and drink this way. Rule 3: He cannot poke a hole into the cork or the jug. So, the thirsty man accepted his rules and then, he finished his drink and left. How did he do it? :P
  12. I would hope never to see another one of these on the general discussion forum again. :? "Takes out ugly stick and beats rodmmm. :twisted:
  13. Welcome!! Try to stay away from Egwene if u try to post as musch as her u will die of frustration. 8)
  14. What game are u talking about forgive me im just a humble man if u belive a man can be humble. 8)
  15. I made it a minute and thirty seconds then passed out. When i came through it was all over thank god. 8)
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