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  1. I am thinking Dyelin. Her stated motives for supporting Elayne instead of going for the throne herself just never really rang true for me.
  2. I am surprised no one else has done this yet... I vote everyone.....The Dark One wins and the Wheel is broken forever..... <or on a related note...Why wasn't Bela on the list?>
  3. Another crazy theory from the crazy one.... Perhaps all these so-called bubbles of evil are not all necessarily the work of the DO. I am starting to believe that these bubbles, ghosts, towns disappearing, and other occurances are due to the repeated use of BF. We have been told that BF strains the pattern. Wouldn't it be ironic if the use of BF that we have all cheered to destroy the Forsaken can lead to the destruction of the Pattern faster than the DO ever could? Hence all the warnings and admonitions by Cads and others for Rand to stop using it.
  4. In regards to number 5: Fifteen years ago was about the time that Lord of Chaos came out, and we first began wondering about a Dem/Taim mix. I think this will be something to do with revealing who Dem is posing as these days. (But then again....I am crazy)
  5. Graendal crept through the camp, careful that no one noticed her. She was approaching the tent where that Min girl slept...thinking all the while "I will use the TP and balefire this little chit just like I did that traitor Asmodean". Suddenly she hears a noise behind her...she turns.. "YOU!!!....NO!!!" *and now we are left with the arguement of Who killed Graendal?
  6. Correct me if I am wrong (and I am sure someone will....lol), But I seem to recall Trollocs being gated in at some point, I do not recall if it was Camelyn, or the Stone, or where, but I think I remember Trollocs coming through gateways and attacking. This goes against the idea that shadowspawn going through gateways destroys them. It is possible that this was an error that was corrected, or that I am just mis-remembering things. Either way... I am still looking forward to this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Another thing in favor of this theory...Asmo did not have to recognize Luc/Isam, because of the resemblance to Lan and Rand, whom Asmo had been around quite a bit. It would be ironic if the 'YOU! NO!' was actually Asmo thinking it was Lan or Rand, but it was really Luc/Isam.
  8. Ok, I've been listening to all these Taim = ???? posts, but here is another thought. Taim = Taim, but a Taim that has been turned to the Dark by 13 M and 13 black sisters. We do not know what this process does to one's sanity, point of view, memories etc...
  9. Would you like me to show you what a nine horse hitch is?
  10. This could be seen to be a tad bit selfish, considering everything that RJ is going through, but I don't think the question should be how long the book will be, but how long we have to WAIT for it.....
  11. On a related subject, I think that is what Verin is up to when she leaves Rands group...She is going to TV to get the horn.
  12. I know this is going to sound crazy, but I had a thought the other day reading a passage with Olver in it. RJ has said in the past that Olver is important, but other that that all we get is a RAFO. I am just wondering, if RJ has managed to put himself in the story? Note the similarity between Olver and his real middle name? I know...it is crazy.....
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