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  1. That's how Nynaeve dealt with Moghedian at the end of TFoH--fed her forkroot in TAR which knocked her out (and offscreen between books found her and collared her).
  2. I might missed it somewhere, but did we ever find out what the "three ripples" were? Regular bubble of evil or something else?
  3. 4, mostly. I think Galad was having a lucky day and RJ definitely has plans for him, but Valda waaaay underestimated him.
  4. Painfully long. Kidnapping, as a plot device, works great for a couple of chapters. But there's not enough planning going into the rescue to keep it interesting for so many books. On top of that, you have pages and pages of exposition with each book to reset the scene. Also, Faile annoys me and I was hoping she would die, or be dragged back to the Waste, or something. ::)
  5. Thanks, everyone. I guess all those nights of "can't sleep, one more chapter!" might have helped. ;D
  6. heehee! Obviously I'm insane. Meanwhile, I see pie spoons winning by a narrow margin. There must be some sort of conspiracy against spigots. ;)
  7. *waves* Been lurking for a while, thought I'd finally say howdy. Picked up tEotW last November to keep me occupied over Thanksgiving weekend, finished KoD by New Year's and read New Spring a few weeks later. I'm now starting my fourth trip through. Nice to meet you all!
  8. It's gone? Aw. :( I voted Graendal back when I first started reading it back in Feb. or March. (Yes, I read the whole 146 pages on the old board. ) She's the only member of that little cabal free to roam around at the time, and she's got the least going against her. Although, I think Bela is a good possibility. ;D
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