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    Hey everyone, I decided to take a crack at writing a fanfiction story which will try to answer a the age-old question, which is better modern weapons or the OP? Here is the link, but know that it is rated M for strong language. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3714266/1/The_Clash_of_the_giants and if you could leave some reviews that'd be great. Also if someone could offer to be a beta reader that'd be great as well.
  2. (Sorry about how late this is, I have been insanely busy.) Dorrin took a moment to consider the woman's words as he stood above her ready to deliver a final blow. He supposed it was possible that she simply came upon him as he was punishing the bandit and assumed the worst.And despite any moral ambiguities Dorrin could be accused of being guilty of, killing innocent people was not one of them. As Dorrin studied the girl he realized with a bit of shock that she was young, seemingly a few years younger than Dorrin. He also had to admit that she was rather pretty too... He shook his hea
  3. Dorrin was outraged that this woman attacked him, but he soon realized what happened. Obviously she was the bandit’s accomplice, though obviously new to the game since she began by punching him instead of stabbing him before he had noticed her. Well that mistake was going to cost her, her life. She was just skilled enough with the dirk that Dorrin did not believe he could disarm her without great personal risk so he would simply kill her instead. He attacked her with a vicious swing that he easily dodged and they exchanged a series of blows and blocks before moving apart. Dorrin was brea
  4. Dorrin was not having a good day. He had been simply camping out trying to get some peace when the sounds of drunken singing permeated his tent. Angrily he went outside when he saw a man staggering along the road obviously heavily intoxicated. He stumbled a bit along the road and cursed frequently as he kept stepping into mud (it had rained the night before). He saw Dorrin and amicably managed to walk over to him. To Dorrin’s disgust he put an arm around him and said “Well ello friend. Fine day for a drink!” The last was said with a roar that made Dorrin wonder if he had gone deaf. He pu
  5. Dorrin did not answer for a moment. Instead he took some of the rabbit and concentrated on eating though unlike the Ogier he did not wait for it to cool down. He almost welcomed the burning sensation that came with to his fingers as it gave him something to concentrate on besides the Ogier’s words. He did not want to open up to anyone at all, but perhaps if he did he could find something out about the Ogier. And while he did not admit it, even Dorrin liked to say what was truly on his mind. Just once he was going to tell someone the complete truth without worrying about the consequences, thoug
  6. Dorrin smirked as he sat down to warm himself by the fire. However as he sat he made sure to keep his sword near his hand in case the Ogier was just luring Dorrin into a false sense of security. Dorrin supposed that the Ogier's explanation of what he was doing was plausible enough, but no so much that Dorrin ceased to be suspicious. Still in his jester persona he answered the question, "Well let me see, I too wish to relax and eat before I sleep. Of course I am also hiding from the numerous people who want be dead, including but not limited to, a pack of bandits, half the tavern owners i
  7. Dorrin had seen the Ogier leaning against the sycamore and immediately hid himself behind a tree while his heart raced. He did not hide out of fear or curiosity but out of a desire to plan. Dorrin had only seen a Ogier once before and from a distance and that, but he had heard stories about them. But every story he had heard made them seem unable to be evil, devoted to the light. No matter who told him something along those line Dorrin severely doubted the accuracy of their supposed goodness. . Dorrin did not believe that any creature was entirely good. In fact he was rather sure that mo
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