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  1. Instead of starting a new thread I'd ask here, I'll read back to check though for other reccomendations..but basically I'm looking for new material to read :D I've read Wot/Asoiaf/MALAZAN (just finished dust of dreams)/Robin Hobb and The Dark Tower too. Oh read LOTR too obv. So I'm looking for something fantasy-ish I guess. I've read Goodkind, too (Yuck) so don't reccomend him lol. But is there anything out there of a similar vein? What's the Mistborn series from Sanderson like, or other novels of good quality will do too. Fantasy is obviously a preference.
  2. Yeah, I'm thinking the series will definitely be picked up. Which is great news. Now I just need to find books to read until Erikson/Martin/Wot comes out with the next installment.
  3. Just wait 'till you get to A storm of swords. Probably the best of the books. It's...amazing but.. :-X
  4. I'd not be terribly upset if we don't get too much detail on Galad/Morgase meeting up. I think the visions work well as a plot device to keep us informed of the other characters. So yeh, it will probably be in the next books, but it's not something I'm overly bothered about. As for the clue re: ASMODEAN, didn't catch anything myself.
  5. Great [Don't swear. PG-13.] book. One of my favourite books in the series so far. Couple of things: 1) I don't think Graendal is dead. I'll not be disappointed if she is though, just b/c that scene where he balefired the shit out of her hiding place was great. Really showed how little he cared, how far Rand had descended. Still I think she's too smart to stay, so she may still be alive. 2) Gawynnnnn or yawn?: He was kind of irritating, his chapters were rather blah. Still a minor complaint. I liked the few Perrin/Mat chapters we had, I heard a few people say they weren't needed, but for me they were a nice way to escape Rand/Egwene for a little while and were welcomed. 3) Verin = OMFGWAT. That was the biggest shock of the book. AMAZING. Really well done. 4) Imma go read it again now, finished it last night @ 2am, so yeh time to re-read. Overall a very very enjoyable and good book, couple of minor things. Mat felt off but I grew more used to him as the book went on, it's not a big deal and some changes can be expected. Aviendha's story was..obvious from the word go. I mean I think pretty much anyone reading would have guessed, it just seemed a tad pointless. Still at least there was no Elayne ;)
  6. Best scene - Egwene/Verin talk. That was seriously toptier, one of my favourite scenes in the whole series. Verin is quite frankly pretty wonderful all in all. Just the sheer shock when Verin revealed what she'd been up to. I wasn't expecting anything like that at all. And the calmness in which she showed,m casually telling Egwene she's Black Ajah. R.I.P VERIN SEDAI a hero amongst heroes :( Apart from that I LOVED the last chapter and when Rand was captured w/ the a'dam too.
  7. This, I think. He's a brutal bastard. His brother is pretty bloody great too. The Hound.
  8. A song of Ice and Fire, is in my opinion better than the wheel of time series. Martin is masterful. A storm of Swords (3rd book) is probably my favourite book ;D Goodkind is trash, really. Stay away from him. His recent 'thriller' sums him up quite nicely ::) Malzan is something I'm currently reading, on book 3. Well worth a read, very very ambitious, but good. Robin Hobb's books are worth a read, particularly the Assassin's Apprentice series. Terry Pratchett is great too.
  9. Someone mentioned Robin Hobb earflier....I'll second that opinion,I really like the assasin trilogy in particular:) Also The Dark tower series is definitely worth a read IMO...sure the first book is kinda hard to get into and some people don't like it but I think it's a must read. Also as mentioned earlier David gemmel's books are very good,I perticularly like the rRigante novels and Drenai,with Waylander being my favourite of his books.
  10. Is that Terry Goodkinds first post on Dragonmount? ;) GREGORY_AF=Terry goodking :o
  11. I'd settle just for Elayne falling from a plane but ;D
  12. Matt´s ter-angreal does protect from saidin..we see this in Salidar where Arangar channells at him and the medalion goes cool. I dunno..personally I see Matt taking down the gholum as a given at somestage but other than that i´m not sure
  13. Lol you just reminded me of the chicken that wasnt a chicken thing..I dunno how i could forget something that..er interesting ::) Yea the Pillars of Creation where the main characters came in for the last 5 minutes of the book...still maybe by this point he'd decided to try and right his own book instad of...borrowing from others...didnt turm out great though really :'(
  14. I didnt actually hate the first few books of the sword of truth series..but is it just me or did they get worse as they went on :-\
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