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  1. Thanks for the heads up, I will be doing that. How long after the series completes do you expect those sites to still be up and around and going? My next reading will be the start of my latest(certainly not my last reread of the WoT) reread. Damn if my reading glasses didn't recently give uo the ghost and damn aint my savings depleated I swear Shaitan is out to get me before I am ready to read The Memory of Light!
  2. I'll bet she learns that he blew the horn when he produces it to call on the heroes of the Horn to tell her how wrong the using of adams are, and to win an argument with her. I can see it now as he say s so that is what you think? Well let us ask Artur Hakwing what he thinks of such and such
  3. Many very well read fans of Robert Jordan know from hence a lot of his material comes from. I am not one of these, but still it can bring joy when I stumble upon something Jordan used prominently in the WoT books. Like the phrase above which I found attributed to Lieutenant general Masao Maruyama's Sendai motto "Remember that Death is lighter than a feather, but that Duty is heavier than a mountain." in the book Strong Men Armed The United States Marines vs. Japan by Robert Leckie. Of course the US Marines Cleaned his clock at Guadalcanal.
  4. Is that a certainty? I would think that there would be a strong demand for more material, has Harriet decided to shut the saga down?
  5. I would love to see a series following Mat and Tuon to Seanchan to take the throne back for Tuon. Has there been any talk of this?
  6. Forgive if there have been similar polls. I am interested how Dragonmount members feel on this topic. I hope he does survive, but I highly doubt that he will.
  7. This is the year of the Dragon! Very fitting for the final book of the WoT series to be published in this year.
  8. Brilliant use of the source to be able to scratch your ass in relative anonymity well when not around others who can sense the source. Even around them, who can tell why you just used the source?
  9. Can somebody explain to me why in Salidar that the women Aes Sedai are so selfish in that they note the shortage of lamp oil but ignore the simple solution of creating light and tying off the weaves and attaching it to a wick of a lamp? Is this a writer blunder? Do the Aes Sedai consider themselves above such menial tasks? If so then they could assign the task to novices. They have been using the power to make products and sell for profit to keep the revenue coming to keep the coffers with money to cover the expenses. They could sell the lamps at market. they could start a business and name it Rebel LLP.
  10. I see the Majority went with the source over technology, at least one person took my side in siding with tech but that person declined to join the discussion on the topic(Probably after seeing how poorly I was doing). I worded my Poll poorly, what I was thinking of was along the lines of one morning you wake up in Rand land and after walking around in a daze over not knowing where you are but in time you realize that this is Rand land, if you survive long enough to come to that conclusion that is. The odds are vastly against you even being able to learn to touch the source, then would you opt for the technology which you can wield? Currently in the poll there 16 individuals who opted for the source over tech, I wonder if they realize the odds are vastly against being able to channel. Their beliefs in the source may be along the lines of those who are hypnotically regressed into past lives and many of the individuals were once some form of royalty, very few recall lives of serfdom or outright slavery.
  11. I disagree eighty years ago a reader of science fiction would think he was seeing advanced technology not magic.
  12. Yes, like those primitive tribes who had a stylized form of warfare and a battle might result in one or just a few fatalities, then one side trades for some AK 47s then the death count suddenly gets out of all proportion. It is very sad, like war meets the assembly line... The only way to win is to not play the game, but war is not going out fashion so you might as well play to win. In this war if the Dark side wins then the side of the light will likely be out of the game for an age at least. Killing is more efficient with the Dragons, but the age of legends has stories of the power being just as efficient(if not more so) in being a weapon of mass destruction, hell Rand made a very nice example of this.
  13. Yes that was the past, and it was great! All of the JoCars and JoWings are gone perhaps never to return. I look forward to the combination of engineering and the power, just think of using a weave tied off to spin a turbine!
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