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  1. Sure Mat's not stupid but he sure is mule stubborn sometimes. Elayne tried her best to teach him "manners", like she didn't need help herself, but Tylin ended up with a leash of sorts on him where others had tried and failed.
  2. how come tylin's not on this one. After all, with her ebou dari strength of will she was able to have a toy the likes of mat who not even elayne could keep under control. she even kept ebou dar in pretty good condition when the seanchan came and that just goes to show her ability to adapt.
  3. I picked up the series about six months before KoD came out but couldn't stop reading so that i had to wait four months for the next book. God but CoT left me on a cliffhanger waiting for KoD i could have died waiting for the next one. Im working on my second reading right now and am almost done with LoC. I don't know about the rest of you but i like the later books in the series because the lack of knowledge and innocence kinda frustrates me having read the series before. It was a lot of fun though picking up on all the little details that you discarded as unimportant while reading the first time. It's amazing that when you're in the characters point of view and they discard some information because they can't figure it out, you do to the first time around, only to find out later that it turns out to be some crucial bit of information that won't come into play for another four books. I love it!
  4. Isn't it possible just to, say, the outcome of the last battle will adjust the wheel. Say Rand wins and utterly and forever destroys the DO. The wheel will continue to turn, "the Great battle done, but the world not done with battle (LOC:Dreams & Nightmares)," but now the DO will have no swing. The pattern will be ripped apart for awhile before it settles down to create another sort of stalemate between good and evil, only no DO since Rand destroyed him. Cause if the DO breaks free he destroys the pattern and the wheel. If Rand wins the WOT will probably just adjust in response to free will right? It doesn't make sense that the wheel will be destroyed no matter what Rand does, win or lose. It doesn't make sense for the wheel to be destroyed by the defeat of evil and by the victory of it at the same time.
  5. I don't think its possible to be reborn into different people at the same time. None of the heroes waiting to be reborn in T'A'R implied being reborn as two people at the same time, much less three, and i think they would have. Granted, we only talked to Birgitte but she said Gaidal is likely to be a really ugly baby somewhere and that he'll spend his life looking for birgitte not knowing why he doesn't feel whole. I don't see two Gaidals walking around like that so i don't think Ilyena could be Elayne, Min, and Aviendha at the same time either.
  6. How can you tell which edition you have. I checked the publishing info in the front but its all gibberish to me :D .
  7. Gotta be Elayne. The red hair. Not to mention that Rand loves her, probably as much as Lews Therin loves Ilyena.
  8. "Athanacropolis: In "The Great Hunt" Ragan has the triangle-shaped scar on his cheek from the Trolloc arrow, but in "The Dragon Reborn," it jumps off of his cheek to Masema's...interesting!" I think it was in TFOH but i could be wrong, Nynaeve meets Masema and the other Sheinarans while in Luca's show and says that Ragan and Masema have almost identical triangular scars on their face.
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