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  1. Unrecognisable from the books. 100% Rand and Egwene will be having sex before you know it...because you know, the TV Show writers know best.
  2. That's my fear. I WANT this to be successful. The 'next game of thrones' if you will pardon the obvious comparison. GOT would never have become what it was if they had changed the early Books as much as I worry they have changed WOT. People loved the books (GOT and WOT) and they do not need reinventing. Changes can be understood but its a fine line. The first in the queue to watch GOT were fans of the books. The same will be true of WOT. Get those people on board and have word of mouth do the rest. If they decide they know best and write a new story for TV to appear politically correct......nobody will remember this as you suggest. Follow the loved story and it will have a chance. Fingers Crossed.
  3. Strange reply. Just like you, I look forward to it and hope it will be fantastic. Surely the more people that watch and get on board with the Series...the more chance we have of having a long running 6 Series version of WOT?
  4. Dont get me wrong, im approaching and watching it with great anticipation. Hope it will be brilliant.
  5. I have absolutely convinced myself they are going to - A- Think they know better than the Author and change too much...thinking its for the best. B- Make it very politically correct....rather than focus on telling a much loved great story.
  6. Hi all. Finally got round to reading the first book after being advised to read it about....20 years ago hehe. I enjoyed the book a lot and I am going to post a few points which may seem like I am trying to be ultra critical, I am not but I do not understand a large portion of the ending of Eye of the World. For reference, I will certainly go on and read book 2. Ok, my confusion comes from the book being a detailed story of a long adventure, then all of a sudden as they go back outside at the eye of the world, it kinda feels like the writer runs out of energy? All of a sudden Rand vanishes and appears in a battle (is this the battle of Tarwins Gap?...but didnt they say they didnt fight later in the book?) It just felt like he had run out of pages so 'Rand just appeared' there. Then to cap it off, boom, he appears with Bealzemon (spelling) and also fights with him out of nowhere? Can anyone explain a bit more, did I read it right and not quite catch something?(perfectly possible). Thanks for any clarification/opinion and apologies if its been cover a thousand times.
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