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  1. I liked it. I wish we could get a still picture of a Trolloc though....it's always blurred because of movement or just slightly out of focus (like the scene with the Myrddraal approaching). The more I see the Myrddraal...the more I like it the design.
  2. LOL....had I kept a journal my entry would have mirrored yours.... I saw the Winespring clip this weekend and it looked 'adequate' except for the weird Lan entrance...I hate when they make heroes 'pose' in films...I know they're aiming for this cool entrance....but it makes it look unnatural to me. I guess I continue with "cautiously optimistic"...
  3. Is some of the concern just because we've been disappointed by other adaptations in the past? I know that's how I've feel...I've hyped myself up a number of times only to be majorly dissappointed when the show actually airs (GOT and LOTR being the pleasant surprises). For me it's easy to give the 'side eye' to the showrunner and assume it's going to be a 'poopshow' from the start because that's what happened to most other adaptations I've seen...(bad 'adaptation PTSD') On the flip side, we also have to remember that the show isn't just for "us" (i.e. fans of the series that know the show). It's also someone's introduction to the series. The concern that Rand isn't in the trailer a lot is good.... As someone who hasn't been 'spoiled' by reading the books he's just an 'every man' character that isn't that important (until the big reveal at the Eye...or if you were really paying attention). Perrin is talking to wolves and Mat is speaking old tongue, but Rand's not doing much of anything other trying to steer clear from Bal'zamon. The more they misdirect away from Rand being 'special' the bigger the impact of the reveal... (Focus on Egwene in my right hand until I fling my left hand out). Even though Rand is the 'focus' character in the first book....there's a whole lot of people doing stuff around him. Let him stay in the background for a bit...he's a nice boy, good manners (not like that rogue Mat) and then when the reveal happens as far as the new audience is concerned they'll be sympathy because he'll soon descend into madness like Logain and there's nothing anyone can do about.... I'm not getting worked up about anything I saw or didn't see in the trailer. It look 'adequate' for what I think they're trying to do. The real meat will be when the show finally drops and we can all come back here and go "THAT WAS SO AWESOME" or "THAT WAS HORRIBLE!"..... I don't think the response will be anything else but those two extremes.... 🙂
  4. LOL...I didn't know if some individuals would come to the forum who haven't read the books yet and would end up getting spoiled. I mean, it's pretty obvious early on in the book...but the trailer itself seems to be very coy about it...'he' just seems like a background character in the trailer. I was probably also sensitizes as I think I wrote that right after watching Daniel Greene's youtube video ripping on IGN's Trailer review for spoiling major plot points with their explanations about the WOT trailer (e.g. "...and this is foreshadowing her rise to become the Amyrlin Seat." "Why would you say that?!?!?")
  5. I could see them cutting out the Green Man and the Eye of the World completely....I mean other than the Eye itself being a finale to the first book....it just doesn't play a part in the rest of the novels (yes, it's a 'trigger' for a particular individual) but that, after Book 1, it plays no role in the story (same this with the Green Man). We've not casting news for the Green Man or the 3 forsaken....and we have to be realistic and not expect this show to run for 14 seasons (if it makes it, I'd expect 8 seasons) so there's going to be a lot of condensing of material... The seen with the Waygate doesn't even appear to have Loial in it...he's been cast...but perhaps that will be reduced role too (if you're not going to have the Green Man, then why bring Loial along...his interactions with the GM was a highlight of the end of Book 1 for me...)
  6. One thing I haven't seen anyone else pick up on is the 1:24 picture: Notice how the Aes Sedai in the room have their back turned as Moraine is walking out? Some sort of public shaming? (Perhaps the Amyrlin is publicly punishing/shaming Moraine for some reason...so that she could work easier on finding the Dragon Reborn....perhaps that's why Leane looked so angry in the other clip...not a Logain trial...but a Moraine trial for failing somehow on the capture of Logain (and the death of a fellow Aes Sedai)...
  7. I'm still neutral. I honestly didn't have a problem with the trailer. If anything, seeing the actors in costume actually gave me a little more comfort. My particular issue (and its my own personal issue) is that I'm old enough to have seen enough different books that I've loved have adaptations that I thought were just awful: SyFy's Earthsea Legend of the Seeker (I was so hyped for this...loved the photos...loved the trailer...made it through 2 episodes and said 'enough of that) Shannara Chronicles (Made it through 4 episodes before I gave up) So I hear redgiant's concern and I can't help but wonder if he/she has gone through the hype machine one too many times and suffered other major disappointments: to the point where any deviations from the book are just 'red flags'. I'm at the point of "Let me see the first episode and then I'll tell you...".
  8. My thoughts on the criticism of the visual representation of channeling: We're early on and most Aes Sedai weren't doing all that powerful of 'stuff' early on in the books (if memory serves Moraine was using her angreal during Winternight). I think the visuals are intentionally understated now...so when that *others* begin to learn you will clearly differentiate their power levels from others. I think they're specifically trying to downplay it a bit. And will channeling Saidin look different from Saidar? (And different from the TP?)
  9. I'm hoping with the changes made to the show we don't end up with a "Logain = Ba'alzamon" change from the books...as they're making Logain look a bit more nefarious in the trailer. (Then again the capture of Logain was 'off screen' in the books).
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