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  1. I was the 100th voter in my precinct. Went to the white people's table, I mean the Republican table. Voted against all incumbents.

  2. RT @bradleyifvusa: Why was I following you? The "white people's table" ? I think you have race issues TEREZ

  3. Moridin is the Knife of Dreams. God, that explains so much. I feel like an idiot now.

  4. Anyone going to Brandon's signing this Saturday in Provo, and willing to ask him just one WoT question? :)

  5. Okay, that's enough badfic. I really wish fanfic sites had more dependable ratings systems. Finding good stuff is always a chore.

  6. lol @ Malazan: "Two characters are mentioned in the above link, Eleyne and Nyneve. Is this coincidence or was merlin an inspiration for RJ?"

  7. When it was HIS wife who was captured, all of a sudden it became quite logical to Perrin—even expected—that he should call the shots.

  8. My mom is trying to foist her clothes on me.

  9. Semirhage's alias, Anath, was known for her role in the death and resurrection of Baal.

  10. While reading HP I am taking notes on the Age of Legends. In case you were wondering, that's where all the Boann, KoD etc. is coming from.

  11. More later, but for now @zas678 remembers that Brandon doesn't know about the knife of dreams = Moridin thing. He said to ask Alan.

  12. Looking for an Italian translator again. Thanks again to @sleepinghour for digging this one up! http://t.co/XI6Smpx2

  13. In the Lion's Den, no less? Just as idle thought. I had to decide whether 'collam' or 'daan' meant 'school'. Decided on Daan. Filipino=path.

  14. All dentists should be shot on principle. Just saying.

  15. It was true when I wrote it. For some reason, the Wiki never got rid of their low-resolution pics, so you have to wade through tons of crappy images to get a good one. Most of mine were scanned by Marie Curie.

  16. Hey, what is your Twitter handle? Peter is trying to find your tweet with no success because Brandon responded to the wrong person.

  17. I thought you were a girl!

  18. lol. You say that like being a girl is a bad thing! I see -thera at a WoT forum and I think Amathera, aka Thera. Sorry. :p Looks like you are doing a good job with the blog. Nothing has caught my eye as being incredibly convincing yet, but that's because I usually have to convince myself of things. :D

  19. Also, if you break your name up into Despot Hera...well, Hera is a goddess. Sorry.

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